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  4. In which thread did you tell us how you get these releases so fast (0-day). I have been trying to find that track/thread and didn't want to annoy you for such a small problem. But I can't seem to remember it even if I force my head.


  5. I just realized it's been quite a while since I uploaded some stems, gonna get to uploading my recent findings asap

  6. Sorry i thought I'd respond to your message over here instead.

    Yeah I am South African. My Afrikaans isn't great but I can understand fair amount! 

    1. Mephistopheles


      Belgian here, but since I speak Dutch I'm at the same level ^^

    2. Xplosiv


      The Afrikaans language is so weird to listen to from a Dutch standpoint

  7. Well this place looks different.

    1. Gattsu


      We're all still here

    2. jwizzleforshizzle


      looks different but still feels like home

  8. Mich, right?

    1. Agent MacLaren

      Agent MacLaren

      Nope. Try again.

    2. roning



    3. roning


      Oh no MasterChief of corse!

  9. Yo, i just wondered if you had brasstracks sample packs, im dying to get them

  10. hey, i noticed that the "who's that" thread was closed. is there any other way to change my name? thanks in advance!

  11. wattap !?  didnt knw u where here too! 

  12. wattap !

    1. ScottBrio


      What up dude!! ;D

  13. ill upload demons for you

  14. deceit

    1. Arkaid13


      Go back to bed xD

  15. OZZIE - Untitled could you reupload this please ? 

  16. expect google drive links today 

    if asking about keygen i will send you the instructions i was given. if your mac my apologies but i use windows so i can only do so much

  17. Good evening good sir. Do you happen to own a lossless version of Junk Project - Control? Thank you!

    1. Trance Dimension

      Trance Dimension

      Hi there don't have that sorry mate only one version on cd single too so that would be very rare on loseless

    2. Xplosiv


      np, man

  18. so just incase anybody is looking or in need whatever, I have access to damn near every program, plugin, sample, preset and masterclass out there. just msg me

  19. You so wild.

    1. mynameistaco


      I had no idea this feature even existed


  20. Hey there,

    You reported for the merging of two threads which were apparently the same song. However one was an extended Mix (4:35) while the other thread the file was (3:08). These songs are therefore not the same and shouldn't be merged.

    1. Xplosiv


      Are we really making separate threads for extended and radio versions? Oh god. Well OK than. :ganja2::)

    2. Gattsu


      Yes sir, I've always posted as such since I joined 7 years ago. It makes it easier imo if you're looking for specific versions of said track

  21. Hey there,


    Please stop editing your threads saying delete. Moderators cannot delete threads. Leave the thread as is and report it. It will either be moved to requests if it is not the correct quality. Or merged with the existing thread if one exists.



    1. 3-Phase


      I'm sorry about that, was told that's what I should do. Won't happen again. Thanks for the info.

  22. please PM me when you can @Sunny 

  23. The hardwork will pay off Top 4 Contributor for this week :D


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