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  2. ScareWare

    Getting back into production, where do I start?

    Do you prefer working on Mac or PC? PC for the exclusives I never use, but Mac is good too Laptop or home computer? Laptop Is Splice worth it? No idea What plugins are popular? All the fabfilter plugins, CamelCrusher, Izotope's Ozone/Trash/Nectar, Melda Free Plugins and Tal If you work in a specific genre, what tools work best for you? For dubstep FabFilter Multiband Compressor is great for sidechain (i.e the tutorial below) For sound design, Serum, Sytrus [if in FL Studio] are nice for heavy sounds Are there any tutorials that you recommend? (Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering, DAW breakdowns, Plug-In breakdowns) Fox Stevenson Mixing/Mastering tutorial Are there any pointers you can give to anyone that you wish you had learned when you started? At the end of the day the only thing that matters is if it sounds good vs how you got there
  3. Yesterday
  4. apocolyps755

    Ganja White Night - Ferity VIP

    WAV https://mixstep.co/mneh6dibrndg MP3 (Converted) https://mixstep.co/z1xa7uu46y2l
  5. Grits4Life

    Distinct Motive - Radar

  6. Grits4Life

    P Money - Gunfingers ft. JME & Wiley

  7. Grits4Life

    Jook - Behind Schedule

  8. DNBLemons

    Levela - Orbit

    by far the best levela tune
  9. apocolyps755

    Kai Wachi - BREAK

    Happy 420 everyone! https://mixstep.co/pt1z737o8k92
  10. Emily

    Chase & Status - Saxon [320 + FLAC]

  11. ScareWare

    chodi - Lifes a bitch

    I'm always up for one
  12. Liquid Pharmacy

    Adina Howard - Freak Like Me (Robot Roll Call Bootleg)

    It's a pain putting your music in a corner if it doesn't really fit any, nice track though! However, the vocal has been used to much in my ears, love the bassline!
  13. metalbeast

    Levela - Orbit

  14. metalbeast

    Kung - Lifelike

  15. metalbeast

    Kung - Eunoia

  16. metalbeast

    Koznik, Khavy - The Laughing Man

  17. https://mixstep.co/4ulf4v2mvxav
  18. metalbeast

    Koznik, Khavy - Monster (Aliman Remix)

  19. metalbeast

    Veak - Secret Beach (2019)

  20. metalbeast

    Veak - Opposed Gravity

  21. Cryptic

    Calum Scott - Dancing On My Own (Tiësto Remix)

  22. https://mixstep.co/8cp6etft2vav
  23. metalbeast

    Rodg - Fate

  24. nickkoko

    Avao - Unity (Extended Mix)

  25. nickkoko

    Avao - Sleepwalker (Extended Mix)

  26. https://mixstep.co/33sv20v39l5l
  27. nickkoko

    DRYM - Cougar (Extended Mix)

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