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  5. hello Algernon can you please reup MadBliss x Steezy Zo - Royal?

  6. hello boomoperator can you please reupload madbliss & holly - link?

  7. hello hawcks2 can you please reup madbliss - no roof?

  8. hello dorianm can you please reupload madbliss - gas?

  9. lol
    what up derek
    its tech alex from hox

  10. Yo, read your PM please :)

    1. Ganjastep


      sorry dude, been living under a rock lately :p 

  11. hey, trying to find that wu-tang a better tomorrow links down 

  12. Don't use the report function for threads that are down

  13. In which thread did you tell us how you get these releases so fast (0-day). I have been trying to find that track/thread and didn't want to annoy you for such a small problem. But I can't seem to remember it even if I force my head.


  14. I just realized it's been quite a while since I uploaded some stems, gonna get to uploading my recent findings asap

  15. Sorry i thought I'd respond to your message over here instead.

    Yeah I am South African. My Afrikaans isn't great but I can understand fair amount! 

    1. Mephistopheles


      Belgian here, but since I speak Dutch I'm at the same level ^^

    2. Xplosiv


      The Afrikaans language is so weird to listen to from a Dutch standpoint

  16. Well this place looks different.

    1. Gattsu


      We're all still here

    2. jwizzleforshizzle


      looks different but still feels like home

  17. Mich, right?

    1. Agent MacLaren

      Agent MacLaren

      Nope. Try again.

    2. roning



    3. roning


      Oh no MasterChief of corse!

  18. Yo, i just wondered if you had brasstracks sample packs, im dying to get them

  19. hey, i noticed that the "who's that" thread was closed. is there any other way to change my name? thanks in advance!

  20. wattap !?  didnt knw u where here too! 

  21. wattap !

    1. ScottBrio


      What up dude!! ;D

  22. ill upload demons for you

  23. deceit

    1. Arkaid13


      Go back to bed xD

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