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  5. so just incase anybody is looking or in need whatever, I have access to damn near every program, plugin, sample, preset and masterclass out there. just msg me

  6. You so wild.

    1. mynameistaco


      I had no idea this feature even existed


  7. Earlier
  8. Hey there,

    You reported for the merging of two threads which were apparently the same song. However one was an extended Mix (4:35) while the other thread the file was (3:08). These songs are therefore not the same and shouldn't be merged.

    1. Xplosiv


      Are we really making separate threads for extended and radio versions? Oh god. Well OK than. :ganja2::)

    2. Gattsu


      Yes sir, I've always posted as such since I joined 7 years ago. It makes it easier imo if you're looking for specific versions of said track

  9. Hey there,


    Please stop editing your threads saying delete. Moderators cannot delete threads. Leave the thread as is and report it. It will either be moved to requests if it is not the correct quality. Or merged with the existing thread if one exists.



    1. 3-Phase


      I'm sorry about that, was told that's what I should do. Won't happen again. Thanks for the info.

  10. please PM me when you can @Sunny 

  11. The hardwork will pay off Top 4 Contributor for this week :D


  12. Hi everyone,

    Wanted to give a little update on my activity or lack there of. I moved to a new apartment and do not have a computer with me. 

    I'm moving to a house in May or June and will then buy a new desktop computer.

    As such I will not be posting any music until then, I'm not completely gone however as I still browse the site on my phone and are here to deal with user reports and help users out as I have always strived to do.

    When I finally get my computer I will be going thru Beatport back to the start of 2018 and buying/posting all songs that haven't been posted onto clubland.



  13. yaow whats good mang? I was wondering if you were down to reup the waves plugin bundle? that would be killer! :)

  14. Thanks for being "that guy" ;)

  15. Happen to own some Benjamin Bates tracks? :-D

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    2. Xplosiv


      We need more activity besides the Like/Thanks button. Would love more interaction across cllv :$

    3. Trance Dimension

      Trance Dimension

      Yeah I thought it was more popular couple years back, faded away a bit :(

    4. Xplosiv


      Have the same feeling. Altho I got more involved myself couple of months ago again

  16. yo re up on that stoney album by post malone ?

  17. sorry about all the cover art i just saw what photobucket did, so imma fix it here in a few.

  18. Big up fam, thx for the likes :drinks:

  19. hey mate any chance you could send over that Eptic - The End EP??  or if you don't have it linked already, at least the "She" track? would be much appreciated!

  20. Thanks for all the 'Likes' bruv, always appreciate it :drinks:

    1. tables


      giving credit where credit is due 

      thanks for the uploads boss

  21. so kinda feel like a dick because i have gotten BUCKETLOADS of new and old tracks and haven't shared them with y'all yet so i will spend the next couple of hours uploading all that i got new thats not here. YAY SHARING!!!

  22. Comments cannot be removed. just edit your comment!

    1. Bulker




  23. Ho ho ho.. >:)

  24. thank you for all the 'Thanks' man,  refreshing to see someone who actually makes an effort to reward uploaders. :drinks:

  25. you sir, are a GOD of cllv. hats off to you, and thank you for the uploads.

    1. Arkaid13


      No problem man <3

  26. I'm back to surfin at least once a week after getting settle into work. can you reinstall my Mod status? the Electro Soul section needs some work ;) 

    1. Ganjastep


      Welcome Back! :ganja3:

  27. Congrats on the Section Lead bruv!

    1. 666


      Cheers bro! Will do my best to keep the dnb section updated with bangers :ganja3:

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