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  1. citriz

    Xakra - Backstabber

    Yoooo. Xakra heatin' up fast!
  2. citriz

    Ponicz - Delusion

    Freebie by Ponicz MP3//320 https://mixstep.co/m9xu7johjfue
  3. citriz

    Dabow & Twerl - Old Skool

    See you all at SHAMBZ <3
  4. citriz

    Skrillex - Call Him The Devil

    Re-up plz?
  5. citriz

    Ookay & Getter - World

    Jesus... What a rip off. The posts above are so true. Ookay has been original for like .... maybe one song in his career. The other a joke track. And Getter? SMH. I wonder if LAXX will get royalties of this hahahaha.
  6. citriz

    Signatvre - K-Hole (Original Mix)

    Yo were's the DL link? I think you are supposed to only post downloadable goods here. Thanks!
  7. Can we get a re-up please? Thank you!
  8. citriz

    Dubloadz - Meltdown

    When you haz 2 many wobz for the dubstepz and needz to jack w/ em'.
  9. citriz

    Content - Citric

    Yessir. Seems it's a bit buggy/temperamental. Sometimes it works sometimes I need to DL just to listen as well lol. Such a hard lifeeee.
  10. citriz

    Proxima - Trapped

    Holy sweet baby Jesus!!!! Today is a good day... OKAY!
  11. citriz

    Wobad - Badazz

    Dis one.
  12. citriz

    Creation - Don't Push Me

    Oh damn

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