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  1. dude if you are krugadubs on reddit, please reup the og album

    1. Kruga


      I am and I think its been reupped already

    2. Leo


      yep it was, sorry I didnt come back here to mention it ahah. thanks for that up then !!

  2. Just wanted to say thanks to you personally you are literally the source for me it's like you know exactly what I want lol... 

  3. You have a zip i can download somewhere?? 

    1. Kruga
    2. kiddsteez


      Do you have a .ZIP of a plethora of songs i can download? All the stuff you post is FUEGO! :thankyou:

  4. hey dude =) can you re up Matroda - Aragmus

  5. happy bday! :D

  6. Could you put this one up again please? Thanks in advance (:

    Joey Harmless - So Shady

  7. Hi,

    Could you please re-upload Touch Me by Croatia Squad? The link you provided is down now.


  8. hey bruh can you re-upload KOAN Sounds live set here:

    thanks man!!

  9. Hey man, any chance of a reup on this one?

    Big up for all your posts anyway, you always post the best releases!