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  1. No release date yet but another track confirmed is Taiki's new collab with Chris Lorenzo.
  2. Kruga

    Moody Good - Super Lager

    He is! next on the release is Dr Chang & Dr Changs Revenge.
  3. Kruga

    What happened to "..." thread

    Yep i get the feeling something bads happened to Exponaut he just dissapeared off the face of the earth Bisweed, even his best friend Siprut doesnt mention anything about him anymore or post any pictures together.. Would also like to know what happened to the likes of Teknian, Jayglo and Kryptic Minds??
  4. Kruga

    What Ever Happened To DZ????

    Sean aka DZ stopped producing back in like 2012 dont know of anyother aliases he started up but ill ask around when ive got time.
  5. Kruga

    What happened to "..." thread

    I still dont fully know what happened to Exponaut!? from what i remember being told by Bisweed (his friend) at the time he went into the red army and hasnt been heard of since sure his name was christian something..
  6. Kruga

    What happened to Bloodfire??

    He's stopped producing all together now
  7. Kruga

    Outrun - TechnoCop (Original Mix)

    fyi this is brown and gammons new alias ?
  8. Kruga

    Howsla EP

    Release Date - 5th may
  9. Coming out on his next EP which is soon. 4 tracks another collab with AC Slater too
  10. Kruga

    Noisia & The Upbeats - Dead Limit (Noisia VIP)

    Wait till you hear the Noisia VIP of Moody Goods Super Lager!
  11. Kruga

    Moody Good - Super Lager

    @666 haha thats where im at most of the time now xtrill Also there's a VIP of Super Lager that noisia played out recently not sure if its Moodys VIP or Noisia VIP but the clip of it sounded nice!
  12. Kruga

    Legacy - Jungla Salvage

    no its just plain ol shit.. Did your brother post this led?
  13. Kruga

    Moody Good - Super Lager

    I leaked this on xtrill a few months ago. as far as im aware its not getting a release https://dbr.ee/tb2s
  14. http://www10.zippyshare.com/v/iynbRGXy/file.html
  15. http://www10.zippyshare.com/v/qm3Lj6Je/file.html

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