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  1. gratz on vip

  2. mario?

    1. Techila


      haha sup playa

    2. miiisfit


      dude thats funny af that i found you on here #mvmnt

  3. hey can you re up boy kid cloud and tisoki - departed? plz

  4. Haha cheers man! Keep making music aswell homie x

  5. was wondering when you'd get gold, congrats. keep em comin (lol)

  6. ayyyyy (jump) NICE MAN. sounds great! was it the cut off?

  7. lol ya man... it's been tough lol! trying to get back to making music like in the past, when i hadn't any friends lol

  8. lol like 3 years too late ha. i still listen to your music man keep it coming.

  9. thanks g. but yeah thats a good idea haha

  10. Good looks. I don't really actively check the threads I create after I have upped a track. I probably should lol