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  1. You have truly shown yourself to be among the Golden of CllV!


    Gold for You! :ganja3:

  2. im getting an error on fb and i cant msg uback i see your msgs tho

    "There was a temporary error, please try again. Click to send again."

  3. always here to help the site man! :)

  4. LetsRage bro you have great taste in music, i think of you as reinforcements! whenever somethign amazing doesnt get posted you're there a few hours later to get everyone covered!!! keep it up dude you're a stand up member of this site!

  5. EDIT: already congratulated you, mb xD

  6. yeah i really saw this one comin haha. great contributer to the community for sure (not to mention your dope ass music taste ;))

  7. Congrats on Gold!!!

  8. grats on gold! keep it up bro

  9. lookin good with that gold m8 (approve)

  10. Haha thanks CeRJ!

  11. Oh mate congrats on gold! I was wondering when you were gonna get it! glad you finally got it mate!