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  1. You have truly shown yourself to be among the Golden of CllV!


    Gold for You! :ganja3:

  2. xXLeTsRaGeXx

    Dubloadz - Chug! Chug! EP

    hell yes!
  3. xXLeTsRaGeXx

    L3mmy Dubs - Ninja EP

    https://soundcloud.com/dybbukboxrecords/l3mmy-dubs-ninja-ep out november 7th! huge tunes on dis one https://www.trackitdown.net/track/l3mmy-dubs/ninja/house/7489494.html
  4. ive always noticed that for mantis tunes. the hat is always ear piercing haha. big tune tho
  5. xXLeTsRaGeXx

    Eptic - The End EP

    big ups
  6. xXLeTsRaGeXx

    Bommer x Crowell - Yasuo (Dubloadz Remix)

    its not you, the spek is just terrible
  7. xXLeTsRaGeXx

    Bommer x Crowell - Yasuo (Dubloadz Remix)

    i like it. needs more variation and BETTER MASTERING tho.
  8. xXLeTsRaGeXx

    Bommer x Crowell - Yasuo (Dubloadz Remix)

    http://gyazo.com/7d968109a60746b141282dcb0c618ed3 OI! nice spek m8 11/10
  9. wow. that didnt take long lol
  10. xXLeTsRaGeXx

    Yogi - Burial: The Remixes

    that fuckin moody good remix
  11. xXLeTsRaGeXx

    Creation - Rorschach EP

    thank you! :)
  12. xXLeTsRaGeXx

    Caspa - 500: Episode One

    http://www.junodownload.com/products/caspa-500-episode-one/2592146-02/ big ep. care to buy? :)
  13. xXLeTsRaGeXx

    50 Carrot & Dubloadz - NGONJO

    https://soundcloud.com/50carrot-dubstep/50-carrot-dubloadz-ngonjo holy hell

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