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  1. mikelandjelo

    Excision - Slayed

    instrumental rock metal or something like that
  2. mikelandjelo

    Shake the Bass 3 (Crucast)

    anyone got it? at least Kilner and Vital Techniques tracks?
  3. mikelandjelo

    Ekko & Sidetrack & ShockOne - Klaxon (Original Mix)

    @Gattsu I would't say proper neurofunk, it's more neuro jump up
  4. mikelandjelo

    Current Value - No Halfsteppin'

    jump up maybe?
  5. mikelandjelo

    Aazar & Bellecour - Da Vinci

  6. mikelandjelo

    Sonny Fodera - Give Me a Reason

    @stijn1191 give me a reason to love you
  7. mikelandjelo

    Pythius - Sovereign (Neonlight Remix)

    @FrnchPAir maybe "drum and bass is a bit ambiguous", but still for me sounds better then mainstream for "music that doesn't fit one of the available sub-genres, but crosses sub-genre barriers, goes", like @DoubleDeesaid. Honestly most of the tracks from this section could go to different section....
  8. mikelandjelo

    Pythius - Sovereign (Neonlight Remix)

    So I'm interested what's mainstream dnb means? For me mainstream music is commercial music This track is neurfunk IMO....
  9. mikelandjelo

    EPROM & G Jones - Daemon Veil

    @Monster Juiceyou could try Venetian Snares or maybe Squarepusher
  10. mikelandjelo

    EPROM & G Jones - Daemon Veil

    it's breakcore actually
  11. mikelandjelo

    SebastiAn - Beograd

    my city
  12. mikelandjelo

    Billain - Nomad's Revenge

    @FrnchPAir thanks but got it already
  13. mikelandjelo

    Billain - Nomad's Revenge

    New Billain coming soon
  14. mikelandjelo

    Document One - Get To Know

  15. mikelandjelo

    Noisia - The Hole Pt. 1

    I would move this to Deep/Techstep

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