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  1. a little late but congrats on VIP! thanks for all the ups

  2. Uhhhh weird question. Is your last name Wright?

  3. Beautiful says they were transcodes (ganja3)

  4. hey why was my datsik - no requests thread taken down?

  5. thanks man appreciate it! (beer)

  6. YO YO YO Congrats on the Gold!

  7. nah cali! Sup?

  8. Thank you for everything! Love this site and will continue to contribute!

  9. Thank you for being such a dank part of ClublandLV!!

    Gold for you! (ganja3)

  10. Heyyyy sorry but do you live in Colorado?

  11. Hey Man could you please reup the Royksopp ep?

  12. Thanks man i appreciate it! recently lost my internet in my place so posts are gonna be a little slow for a while but thank you so much for everything you put out it's all F.I.R.E haha ;) (congrats on that by the way)

  13. you're great dude! keep up with everytrhing ;D