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  1. Grey Matter

    Chicane - Fear I Must First Let You Go

  2. Grey Matter

    Chicane - Fear I Must First Let You Go

    How is this ambient with the 4x4 baseline that comes in? better placed in minimal house.
  3. Grey Matter

    Herzeloyde - Moan

    Not future bass, not really even good house. Please post in the correct genre section moving forward.
  4. Grey Matter

    Sibewest - Dance Of Smoke

    Minimal or Deep House. Not ambient
  5. Grey Matter

    sllip - get to on me

    not ambient.
  6. Grey Matter

    Ottenvall - Dream Walker

    This has beats, how is this Ambient? Probably should be in one of the house categories or maybe midtempo.
  7. Grey Matter

    DJ Quads - Living In Stereo

    Nitsua - The Aftermath is probably straight downtempo. Reminds me a lot of some of Bonobo, Fat John, and Jon Kennedy's stuff.
  8. Grey Matter

    Engine-Earz Experiment - Symbol (Original Mix)

    Probably House or Breakbeat. its 136bpm. The rest of the tracks posted by them or probably Downtempo or experimental.
  9. Grey Matter

    DJ Quads - Living In Stereo

    Probably falls into the Electro Soul realm
  10. Grey Matter

    Dice - Kernkraft 4.00 (Original Mix)

    not Triphop/downtempo
  11. Grey Matter

    Ekcle - To Give Credence

    Not ambient by any stretch of imagination.
  12. Grey Matter

    spire - oceans (ronn tan remix)

    beautiful to tears!
  13. Grey Matter

    Skit - Fractal Tears

    Great tune!! Super sexy, play this in the bedroom, people getting naked.

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