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  1. K.LINE

    KSH- Annihilate

    Anyone ever get this?
  2. K.LINE

    WassA x Yakz - New Shit (WassA ViP)

    Are you WassA? You should edit the original post and put that new DL link in. Thanks for the 320.
  3. K.LINE

    Ibuki x Fiddkay - A Final Farewell

    Finally got around to listening to this. Such an awesome track! Love riddim tracks like this with just weird synth/vst settings that are kind of raw, not yet refined. Love the sounds that comes from the early period of a producer's production years, as I feel most producers find their refined sound and stick with it, which can get boring.
  4. K.LINE

    WassA x Yakz - New Shit (WassA ViP)

    Just a heads up to everyone, this is 192 kbps, but that's how it was posted by WassA.
  5. K.LINE

    Elefant Doc, Dillard - Vision Of / 4000

    Yeah no problem, added.
  6. K.LINE

    EVA808 - Prrr

  7. K.LINE

    Fessah X Yoduh X Gwann - Transcend

    This is dope, good job.
  8. K.LINE

    Taiko - In My Way

    Full EP here -- Mp3 320 -- https://mixstep.co/qga07jh0ht2b
  9. K.LINE

    Taiko - $ea Pimp

    Full EP here -- Mp3 320 -- https://mixstep.co/6uyc9om3qqe8
  10. K.LINE

    Taiko - Bleep Bleep

    Full EP here -- Mp3 320 -- https://mixstep.co/y4qcw7f573i3
  11. K.LINE

    Taiko - Jackal

    Full EP here -- Mp3 320 -- https://mixstep.co/go6zjumzyt44
  12. Genre - Dubstep (Deep) Label - White Peach Release Date - October 20, 2018 -- Tracklist -- Taiko - Jackal Taiko - Bleep Bleep Taiko - $ea Pimp Taiko - In My Way -- Mp3 320 -- https://dbr.ee/UIu7
  13. K.LINE

    Ternion Sound - Hopeless

    Cause it's grime
  14. K.LINE

    Von D ft Rider Shafique - Frictions

    No worries, just checking.
  15. K.LINE

    Taiko - Old Like Dirt

    No worries, just checking.

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