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  1. dope! thanx man good looks!

  2. damn clear ur inbox :D

  3. hey m8, can i get a big favor from you pls? can we get a re up of KR$CHN & MURA MASA - Gone With You pls!!

    thank you much!

  4. Youp Youp Bro (beach)

  5. props on the VIP m8

    keep up the good work (approve)


    hey man i could use a reup when you get a chance, thanks

    oh snap and this one too if you got it


  7. fixed - Phantom.mp3

    looking for the other tune.

    pretty sure i have it on a different laptop

  8. ha yee he was hella stoked on it. pumped to see his tunes being shared and spread around

  9. Is that a good thing? given the fact he is an producer. lol

  10. ha i'm introducing SevnthWonder to clubland right now...he had no idea it existed