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  1. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat dich gibts noch?

    1. corehardyo


      klar man ;D

      was geht be idir?

    2. Under92


      diesdas, einiges passiert in der letzten zeit - warte, ich schick dir nr per PN

  2. corehardyo

    A.M.C - Thor VIP

    soo sick man thank you very much
  3. corehardyo

    Agbo - Gravity

    holyyyy... thank you!!
  4. corehardyo

    Danny Grooves - Signal Type

    this section is the best one
  5. corehardyo

    bass music labels

    PUSH. i know you people know some people ._.
  6. corehardyo

    bass music labels

    hey guys, a friend of mine produces some really sick shit for years now and I think now he gets to a level where people could really wanna party to his stuff. im looking for cool independent labels who look for original bass artists (dubstep/experimental/midtempo/drum and bass/...) that have a slight filthy and deep touch. he could prepare some kind of demo tape and send it privately via email - he hasnt uploaded ANYthing for over 5 years! does anyone have some suggestions? peace
  7. corehardyo

    Shamanic Technology - Shadow Work (Double LP)

    this is the best stuff ive heard in a while!!! but its down. trying to find another source...
  8. corehardyo

    Posij - Attention

    oh ok - somehow i thought you were a user, called mittomen. maybe.. but only maybe.. there are more than a few people in the internet with spidermanavatars. :> peace
  9. corehardyo

    Under & Vain - Jelem Jele (Original Mix)

    under du fleissiges bienchen. hoffe, bei dir ist alles cool?? bring the carnival backkk!!!!! i bounce to this - peace!!
  10. corehardyo

    Posij - Attention

    HOLY FUCK..... now i realize: i missed cllv. to browse all that favoriteartists floating around in my fucked up memorythingy feelslovely . mikelandjelo - I like your uploads and your avatar! "who are you?" (earlier name)
  11. corehardyo

    Black Sun Empire ft. Sarah Hezen - I Saw You

    y only 2 likes? : O this is incredible. would love to get an instrumental though....
  12. corehardyo

    Nickbee - Elysium

    Nickbee - Elysium http://www21.zippyshare.com/v/EJ2y4cSS/file.html credits go to this guy: http://www.clublandlv.com/showthread.php?t=640458
  13. corehardyo

    Voltage - Suspicious

    Voltage - Suspicious http://www21.zippyshare.com/v/PznC9q4C/file.html credits go to this guy: http://www.clublandlv.com/showthread.php?t=640458

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