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  1. Your uploads in funky/disco house are amazing! (ok)

  2. Reeeee Fucking Up this tune mate and I'm gonna show you Love till the end of this decade! :D

  3. Hai Dere, mind re-upping Jogging and Die & Sentai both by Tha Trickaz? Thanks in advance man. :)

  4. Noman - Bouyant(perfect)

    Happy Customer. :D

  5. When posting tunes, please don't use _

    So it should be: Artist - Name of Song and not: Artist_-_Name_of_Song

    Thanks :)

  6. oi oi need more Falkon fam! Anything forthcoming, or in the works ?

  7. That's because it isn't posted in the rules, but there was a discussion a while back. Thanks for understanding

  8. Please do not post rips.

  9. I didnt see it offically posted in rules, but yes. I'de say we're pretty clear. ;)

  10. You aren't new here, so i thought it was clear :)

  11. Feel free to delete that Fletcha post again. You could of sent a PM. I'm not trying to step on your toes or anything. Its such a good song. I just had to buy it, and share. In the future I will stay away from posting anything from Falkon Rec.

  12. I see someone else already moved it ;)