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  1. Good evening good sir. Do you happen to own a lossless version of Junk Project - Control? Thank you!

    1. Trance Dimension

      Trance Dimension

      Hi there don't have that sorry mate only one version on cd single too so that would be very rare on loseless

    2. Xplosiv


      np, man

  2. Hey there,

    You reported for the merging of two threads which were apparently the same song. However one was an extended Mix (4:35) while the other thread the file was (3:08). These songs are therefore not the same and shouldn't be merged.

    1. Xplosiv


      Are we really making separate threads for extended and radio versions? Oh god. Well OK than. :ganja2::)

    2. Gattsu


      Yes sir, I've always posted as such since I joined 7 years ago. It makes it easier imo if you're looking for specific versions of said track

  3. Happen to own some Benjamin Bates tracks? :-D

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Xplosiv


      We need more activity besides the Like/Thanks button. Would love more interaction across cllv :$

    3. Trance Dimension

      Trance Dimension

      Yeah I thought it was more popular couple years back, faded away a bit :(

    4. Xplosiv


      Have the same feeling. Altho I got more involved myself couple of months ago again

  4. Hey, theres no need to merge original / club / extended mixes into one thread. They are individual threads. We wouldn't merge an original and vip thread together as an example

  5. Hey, threads posted in the music sections do not need to be merged with the same song posted in requests

  6. Hey... there still looking for a Hard Dance and/or Hardcore moderator.

    Thought it would be something for you since ur the most active on these parts of the site. No idea what that holds tho.