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  1. Xplosiv

    Urbandawn - Come Together (feat. Tyson Kelly)

    I'm offended. It's just someone says 'I don't like it' Someone else: 'oh you don't like it? I'm gonna kill you in your sleep' lol.. chill
  2. Xplosiv

    Urbandawn - Come Together (feat. Tyson Kelly)

    Why is everyone so on their toes lately? What happened to cllv. Became a kindergarten jee
  3. Xplosiv

    CDM Collection

    Can't you just use a personal discogs account? 😀
  4. Xplosiv

    Baauer - CandyMan

    17MB for a 3min mp3. Dayum. High Res cover art? 👨‍⚕️
  5. Xplosiv

    CDM Collection

    You're doing God's work, man!
  6. Xplosiv

    Ibranovski - Snackbox

    No seriously I have no ID who he is tho Discogs: Real Name: Adi Hadzi Ibrahimovic Profile: EDM DJ & producer from Rijswijk, The Netherlands. Previously known as Adi Adioz. Born: February 5, 1994 Aliases: Adi Adioz
  7. Xplosiv

    Ibranovski - Snackbox

    Oooh this joke was already made? Nvm then
  8. Xplosiv

    Ibranovski - Snackbox

    [Insert butterfly 'Is this Joyryde?'-meme]
  9. Xplosiv

    Allen Watts - Contrast (Extended Mix)

    Can't say I don't hear it
  10. Xplosiv

    Ibranovski - Viral

    Damn that's some serious complicated shit. I love the Barong stage at Tomorrowland tho. Everyone's having a great time
  11. Xplosiv

    Ibranovski - Viral

    Are Barong and Moksi related? Barong is owned by Yellow Claw, rite?
  12. Xplosiv

    SunEater - Chimera ft. BYNG

    I'll let myself out..
  13. Xplosiv

    SunEater - Chimera ft. BYNG

    Wait dogs(?) are posting on here now aswel?
  14. Xplosiv

    Focus Fire - Mirage

    Aaaah c'mon man. I wouldn't link it like that if I didn't have a clean straight forward download button. Might aswell give the artist some extra downloads instead of me mirroring to Mixstep

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