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  1. Xplosiv

    Liquid Mix 7-7-2019 (Mini)

    No Blue marble track? Aaww
  2. Kygo & Whitney Houston - Higher Love https://beatexs.com/wn7pk7p0553a
  3. Decibal Duke - Under The Sky https://beatexs.com/gr79lu6i4mk4
  4. Christian Cambas - The Outsiders (T78 Remix) https://beatexs.com/urqyjfqimq7t https://beatexs.com/vbk1h6y2zs04
  5. Xplosiv

    Prismo - Stronger (Raiko Remix)

    Prismo - Stronger (Raiko Remix)
  6. Does it sound distorted to you? Not sure
  7. Xplosiv

    Louis La Roche - All I Had

    It's good right? Could fit synthwave aswell. Nice blend
  8. Deadly Guns & Dither - Playing With Fire https://beatexs.com/47vjh3b8o368
  9. Lethal Bizzle ft. Diztortion - Fester Skank (Don Diablo Remix) https://beatexs.com/7vqy9308h8ya
  10. Xplosiv

    Max Brohn - Humanity

    Max Brohn - Humanity
  11. Xplosiv

    Louis The Child ft. Wafia - Better Not

    @FrnchPAir It's random with me. Sometimes I convert them to wav, sometimes m4a to import it to iTunes to then convert it to high quality mp3
  12. Xplosiv

    Louis The Child ft. Wafia - Better Not

  13. Xplosiv

    Round Table Knights - Belly Dance (Mowgli Remix)

    @Daniel Pure but but .. that's just the Analog EP again lmao
  14. Xplosiv

    Round Table Knights - Belly Dance (Mowgli Remix)

    @Kawaii Drops a bomb

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