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  1. derekfereal

    Jordan Suckley, Kutski - Ecstasy Love Original Mix

    Hardstyle? lol
  2. derekfereal

    VSTs/Plugins – Re-ups & Requests

    Any chance of a link for sylenth1 or nexus2 for mac? Cannot find anywhere for the life of me
  3. derekfereal

    Culture Shock - There for You

    can definitely hear that!!
  4. derekfereal

    Kyau & Albert - Wanderlust (DJ Version)

    Holy shit a track made organically?? Swear, what is happening to the music? I just went through 3 pages of trance from great artists and it's all been nothing special. Digital noise and clicky kicks.. blah. Thanks for this K&A
  5. derekfereal

    Tiësto - Lethal Industry (Richard Durand Remix)

    lol aren't you supposed to let the real crowd make that noise when they hear the familiar tune...
  6. sounds liquid to me. not deep. but it is in fact melodic, soo
  7. derekfereal

    Will Clarke - Take A Seat Original Mix

    got to think about the big sound systems. shock value
  8. yessssss. shit bricks when he dropped this last.
  9. derekfereal

    Damien N-Drix - Talking (Original Mix)

    good beat, was gonna dig it. careless vocal work tho, makes ya not wanna play it
  10. derekfereal

    Caspa - Tech Foul

    I think it's awesome. Something different than the constant riddim and over compressed noise. I mean what's an opener gonna play? this stuff is perfect for that. A chill way to pop off some dubs
  11. derekfereal

    Figure & Dack Janiels - Ultra Combo

    God dubstep sucks now.. good potential, but just bad execution.
  12. derekfereal

    RUN DMT - Dub, The People (Original Mix)

    I like the idea of diff pitch snares on every hit
  13. damn, I really wanted the breakdown melody for the drop. deep & beautiful, but much too short lived
  14. derekfereal

    Chris Schweizer - Atom (Extended Mix)

  15. derekfereal

    CamelPhat - Mess With Them (Original Mix)

    perfect track

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