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  1. Good call benching Rodgers! Should be a good matchup between us on Sunday (fight)

  2. school exams and working, hope all is well bex. :3

  3. Kevo where you beeeeeeeeee

  4. awww, it was some heavy tarp like blue milk man :(

  5. song disappeared :(

  6. gratz on the fire man, glad you're up there. well deserved.

  7. i just upgraded to maschine 2.0.. I know everyone is up on ableton but I really like how maschine works so I went with it. I've just been spending a lot of time trying to enhance my production and learn sound design. I have a knack for rhythm and percussion, but my compression/EQ needs a lot of work. I need to understand frequencies better and learn how to shelf, etc.

    tl;dr - I'm more focused on making my own little brand of sounds rather than posting/keeping up with electronic. My focus is more hip/hop or future.

    Sorry, I'm pretty drunk as well. Go Seahawks

  8. where ya been, mang?

  9. facebook is acting up bro

  10. no

    Failed to send

    thats not fixing it

    because i need it to change the actual link and the display name on the section page

    Failed to send

    not just what u see once u click on the thread