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  1. Reup Thelem - Haunted Harmonics EP? Thank you!



  2. Raf1nad is COMPLETELY wrong with his description of V0 quality mp3's. The files are not sourced from various online retailers. They are simply from a Scene release. The nero album was v0, but the forum only allows 320. That is the reason why it was taken down.

  3. v0 is just a high-quality mp3 that is only 320 or higher when it needs to be. Most of the time 320's are wasted space, especially since you definitely can't hear the difference between v0 and 320. (even less so than 320 vs flac)

  4. I did not say that the VBR V0 :) CDRip V0 I downloaded in requests

  5. that's what v0 means? already thanks for clearing things up for me!

  6. tracks from different sources. (itunes, beatport, etc) encode LAME & FHG...

  7. no big deal bro! what does v0 mean? i'm not informed with that term! :/

  8. yo, i posted nero's new album and it just got taken down. you have any idea why the admins would do that? rofl

  9. lmao sorry I got ur thread deleted. Honestly V0>320 tho.

  10. You savvy as fuck for sharing that album.

  11. could you re-up/send me any and all Run The Jewels you have? :)

  12. thanks bro! np

  13. hey man finally changed that Bogtrotter to 320, sorry it took a little bit

  14. sadly i do not have that album :(