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  1. dubshannon

    filthsun. - Gucci.exe

    This is a tasty jam.
  2. dubshannon

    Maximono - Trippy

    They killed it live at Shambhala!!
  3. Monxx did it in the past as well as some one else with members of the rottun label. People seem to get away with lots of things.
  4. dubshannon

    Joker - Melkweg Bass

    loved the take on this whole release. thanks man!!
  5. dubshannon

    Thelem - Mysteriez

    sounds like purple.
  6. dubshannon

    Ponicz - Record Shop VIP VIP

    funtcase has used cubase over the years as well. i doubt it's cubase's fault over shitty mixdowns.
  7. dubshannon

    Donae'o - Black (Preditah Remix)

    this fits well in grime
  8. dubshannon

    Hekler & Whipped Cream - Icarus

    such a cheeky collab. thank you for the upload
  9. dubshannon

    Wiley - Igloo (Compa Remix)

    oooooo damn. thank you so much for this upload and this would fit perfectly in purple but will get more recognition here.
  10. dubshannon

    KRNE & Saints - Numb

    this is not trap at all, great tune but this would fit so much better in future beats / bass.
  11. dubshannon

    TrollPhace - Stop, Drop & Glob (Badklaat Remix)

    someone has the full album, it was incorrectly posted in the dubstep subsection rather than the dubstep albums. now it doesn't seem to be anywhere on here.
  12. dubshannon

    Caspa & Rusko - Riddem Again

    this definitely grime. has nothing to do with riddim. on a positive note though, this is a beautiful track and release!
  13. dubshannon

    Bukez Finezt - Decade Of Weight LP

    listen to his remix of downlink's ghost!
  14. dubshannon

    The Argonauts, Kalimist - Jurassic Bass

    kalimist doesn't produce dubstep anymore. he's moved onto other stuff. it's a shame his style was incredible
  15. dubshannon

    The Argonauts, Kalimist - Jurassic Bass

    they're back and it's glorious

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