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  1. TTDMD_Dubstep

    Rygby - The Life

    Deep Dub AND Trap possibly?
  2. TTDMD_Dubstep

    Spaow - Azertox (Original Mix)

    unique AF!
  3. TTDMD_Dubstep

    Baauer - CandyMan

    Back in the day, I hated his style, this dude has been KILLIN it lately.
  4. TTDMD_Dubstep

    Woodlock & Flaxdubz - Steady Murkin'

    Hey I released this
  5. TTDMD_Dubstep

    TC - Bs4 (Original Mix)

  6. TTDMD_Dubstep

    Empath - Screw Up

    Too heavy for riddim imo. I would keep it Dubstep....but ay, your own preference.
  7. LOL you're correct about that. I own a label and I release on Beatport as well, that's just Shithole Beatport tho.
  8. Artists/Label AR's know more than us...wherever you purchased this track should tell you the correct section precisely. If it said DnB, than youre good Thanks for the share btw, stupid good track ❤️
  9. TTDMD_Dubstep

    Helicopter Showdown - Dragon Fist

  10. TTDMD_Dubstep

    harlesJ - Sound

    HARD AF!
  11. TTDMD_Dubstep

    Nymfo - Warrior

    Getting a Jungle feel for sure...
  12. TTDMD_Dubstep

    MAZE - Businessman

    OLD BUT GOLD!! Was never uploaded, so I bought it last night. https://mixstep.co/iawvidssvj6h
  13. TTDMD_Dubstep

    Current Value - That Smile (VIP)

    This could definitely be DnB as well.
  14. TTDMD_Dubstep

    Mastadon - Exterminate

    1, music is based on opinions...without opinions, none of these artists would even exist. 2, Ive personally worked with mastodon and MANY other artists that have blown up over the years. I have started some of the artists you see and hear about today. I ran one of the first Dubstep promo youtube channels back in the day and have helped TOO many artists get to where they belong today. I would NEVER bad mouth anything from Mastadon...but compared to most of his complex tracks that seem to have been made in a weeks time, this one has a feel to it where he just rushed it to push out a new tune, like it wasn't planned or that he possibly didn't try his hardest, that's what I meant by blah. Don't get me wrong tho, i'll play it out all day haha.
  15. TTDMD_Dubstep

    Mastadon - Exterminate

    @apocolyps755 I have really good speakers,,,,its not a bad tune, just....blah

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