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  1. TTDMD_Dubstep

    Marshmello - Joytime

    NONE of these are Dubstep LOL!!!!
  2. TTDMD_Dubstep

    Somnium Sound - Waver

    I would honestly like it in the Dubstep section tbh.
  3. TTDMD_Dubstep

    Somnium Sound - Waver

    Can it go in both? If so, I think that would make sense.
  4. TTDMD_Dubstep

    Somnium Sound - Waver

    I've been doing this since 2009. including mastering and engineering and running a huge promo youtube channel and record label. I'm not trying to brag, but I know this is Dubstep.
  5. TTDMD_Dubstep

    Somnium Sound - Waver

    Nah, this is definitely Dubstep. I've asked numerous people, artists and friends. Including the artist himself. It's classified as 140bpm.
  6. TTDMD_Dubstep

    Zomboy - Lone Wolf

    I dislike Zomboy's music so much......this is fucking HUGGEEEE!!!!!!!
  7. TTDMD_Dubstep

    Somnium Sound - Waver

  8. TTDMD_Dubstep

    Mastadon - Death Pit

    @apocolyps755 Yeah or that...and yeah of course, Mastadon is a young prophet.
  9. TTDMD_Dubstep

    Mastadon - Death Pit

    This might as well have been a Dong VIP.....
  10. TTDMD_Dubstep

    Kursa - Burn The Best

  11. TTDMD_Dubstep

    Break - Alpha

  12. TTDMD_Dubstep

    Luceo - Whispers

    Glitch Hop....
  13. TTDMD_Dubstep

    Dope - It Ain't Bangin' (Nik P Remix)

    Possibly add to Trap as well?
  14. TTDMD_Dubstep

    Adair - Your End

    Haven't seen that name in years hahaha OG Rottun Records Asian
  15. TTDMD_Dubstep

    um.. - scrazy

    I can't believe this dude blew up with a name like "um.."

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