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  1. https://mixstep.co/0s2xa4404svt
  2. Arcendus

    Maribou State - Turnmills

  3. Well this place looks different.

    1. Gattsu


      We're all still here

    2. jwizzleforshizzle


      looks different but still feels like home

  4. Arcendus

    Guggenz - After Hours

    Awesome release
  5. Arcendus

    CloZee & Cristina Soto - Ghost of Me

    @pHANTUM Agreed! And even lame-r is that the autographed album artwork print it came with was all beat up. I'd planned to frame the thing and put it in my listening room, and I still probably will but it looks like she signed it on the pavement with a bunch of pebbles underneath. Aaand the flash drive of all her music had wicked inconsistent metadata that took me about half an hour to fix. Not a huge deal, but lame.
  6. Arcendus

    CloZee & Cristina Soto - Ghost of Me

    Sadly, this is the best available. I even ordered a merch package from her a while back that came with a flash drive of all her music and it's 160 on there as well
  7. Arcendus

    Samrai & Splatt - Bad Riddim

    @Ganjastep Here you go broheim - the official FLAC: https://mixstep.co/1fttdhl73m8y EDIT: Here's the other track too if anyone wants it https://mixstep.co/2d4up2s0kr2f
  8. Match made in heaven right here https://mixstep.co/xaq6v70frye0
  9. https://mixstep.co/w6pnvhfdnhst
  10. http://www43.zippyshare.com/v/hfRYdp2z/file.html
  11. Arcendus

    CloZee - Revolution EP

    Lol your timing with this question is impeccable. Just received the Harmony merch package in the mail today, which included a flash drive containing her entire discography. I'll upload and PM you.
  12. https://mixstep.co/t8zhfdl4qchz
  13. Arcendus

    Yellow Claw feat. Yade Lauren - Love & War (Aazar Remix)

    CLLV is obviously dead 'cause this shit is FIRE.
  14. Arcendus

    Soulish - Back Home LP (Beat Fatigue Side Project)

    OLD thread, but I did not realize Soulish = Beat Fatigue. Really digging the sound.
  15. https://mixstep.co/bn2hz5oiz1vr

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