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  1. Well this place looks different.

    1. Gattsu


      We're all still here

    2. jwizzleforshizzle


      looks different but still feels like home

  2. Hey you wouldn't happen to have the Time for a Boogie album by Boogie Belgique do you? 

    1. Arcendus


      Sure do - posted!


    2. Suicide


      thank you sir :) 

  3. Best thing I've heard in a while, and absolutely worth picking up on vinyl:

  4. VIPS in the BACK!

  5. As per your request 

  6. Congrats on that gold! Well deserved and overdue.

  7. Had some spare time on my hands, so I went through and popped that (Original Mix) back on your thread titles. Olive branch and whatnot.

  8. Did you edit off the Original Mix from my posts? If so, do that to everyone of my thousands of posts, not just the ones you feel like.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Arcendus


      Well, it keeps section pages less cluttered, and (Original Mix) is redundant no matter how I look at it—though I can see how it might be useful for search. I believe this is something Staff routinely removes (or we're supposed to, anyway), but I'll bring it up to get an official word.

    3. FrnchPAir


      haha, no just you remove it. i think the original mix implies there could be remixes of it. or its an original composition by an electronic artist (in a day and age when sampling is popular)

    4. Arcendus


      Well, every song out there could have a remix of it (so if things were ideally consistent then every single non-Remix would have (Original Mix) in the title), and I've never personally seen anything to indicate that any artists include (Original Mix) when samples aren't used, but the word's in from @Ganjastep—so consider them left alone :acute:

  9. yo check out this random dude i found on soundcloud remixes snakehips tunes with beats theyre dope you'll like


  10. Hey, do you still have Gramatik's Coffee Shop Selection? I'm mainly looking for "Afternoon Soul", but if you have the full album I figure I may as well check out the rest ^_^. Please re-up (if you still have it) when you can! Thanks.

  11. (original mix) LMAO xD

  12. DId you check out my descriptions to see if you have anything to add/ correct/ edit? :)

    1. Arcendus


      I will soon—promise. Work/life has just kicked me on my ass these past two weeks :ras: so I've been a bit MIA

  13. Welcome to the new CLLV Community

    Great stuff - any plans to allow custom backgrounds, or at least a few additional options?