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  1. Yep, early 2018 – over 20 remixes!
  2. dpopp12

    BassBrothers - Substance EP

    You've got the bonus track?
  3. dpopp12

    Agressor Bunx - Properties of Addition LP

    @▼ØI► It has to be from beatport. Album artwork plus pic of the waveform. The waveforms are only within beatport files... Or am I wrong?
  4. dpopp12

    Camo & Krooked & Mefjus - Mandala

    It officially comes out tomorrow
  5. dpopp12

    DC Breaks - Different Breed

    @FrnchPAir any info on the limited edition?
  6. dpopp12

    Noisia - Outer Edges (Remixed)

    @MasterChief those two tunes are digital exclusive!
  7. dpopp12

    Noisia - Outer Edges (Remixed)

    @mypszi everything gets "leaked" one day before release...
  8. dpopp12

    Original Sin - Exclusive Dub Selection Vol. 1.

    @mypszi their album got leaked over a month before! It should have come out in september but it got leaked end july / early august, so they rescheduled the release date to august if I remember correctly. Pretty shit moment for them!
  9. dpopp12

    DC Breaks - Different Breed

    Anyone got the Limited Edition with bonus tracks and sample pack?
  10. dpopp12

    High Maintenance - Keep You Down

    Camo & Krooked - If I Could - Rip Off?
  11. dpopp12

    Camo & Krooked - Black and White (Signal Remix)

    I don't know what's up with the Signal remix, but the original is definitely on their album.
  12. dpopp12

    Dimension - In Bleach

    I don't get it. Maybe a few bass sounds are the same to Piano Dark. But this track has a totally different vibe. I don't understand this comparison...
  13. dpopp12

    Dimension - U.K.

    Fucking banger! This and the new Camo & Krooked stuff is finally something different between all this shitty neurofunk stuff which is out at the moment.
  14. dpopp12

    Fourward - Expansion (Deluxe Edition) LP

    You only get 'No Escape' in the exclusive beatport edition... https://www.beatport.com/release/expansion-beatport-edition/1860085
  15. It's out on juno. But due to copyright restrictions I cannot buy it... http://www.junodownload.com/products/chase-status-tom-grennan-all-goes-wrong/3240770-02/

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