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  1. Hazestep

    FabFilter - Total Bundle v13.3.2019 [PC]

    @Hazlyou beautiful person, thankyou!
  2. Hazestep

    VSTs/Plugins – Re-ups & Requests

    @chuckens I think you've uploaded the same traktor file again mate, the pathway is the same and still the traktor .dmg file lol Also if anyone has cracked versions of the FabFilter series (Total would be amazing, otherwise Saturn, EQ and Compressor would be second best), Valhalla Room Reverb, Ozone and Kontakt 6 please can you upload, thanks
  3. Hazestep

    VSTs/Plugins – Re-ups & Requests

    @chuckens Thanks mate, I may be slightly blonde but can you advise how to use this? I downloaded and extracted and it unzipped a file called Traktors_12_200U_Mac.dmg, extracting this file game me a Traktors 12 2.0.0 Mac .PKG file, I can't see any .dll files or anything that suggest how to get it working
  4. Hazestep

    VSTs/Plugins – Re-ups & Requests

    If anyone has a copy of Xfer LFO Tool for Windows, that would be awesome
  5. Hi, so i've just started teaching myself to produce using ableton and serum, this is a fresh attempt at dnb where I was trying to use samples. automation and layering drums - i still don't know really how sidechaining works so that's the next step. As you may tell I've kinda gone overboard on the samples but I needed something in the mix to make it less boring. Any feedback or suggestions would be really appreciated, also if you know how I can make a S.P.Y. like bass that would be awesome as i've been trying unsuccessfully for bloody ages. Thanks for the listen https://soundcloud.com/igotdatloud/bouncer-wip-1
  6. Hazestep

    Cut Snake - Face Down

    super old thread but bumping it cos please can someone upload haha
  7. Hazestep

    Calyx & TeeBee - Shiver

    The song that brought me back to D&B, thanks bro <3
  8. Hazestep

    DJ Program Requests

    Hi guys, a friend told me of this programme, apparently its supposed to make mixing a lot more melodic, easier song selection, etc. I've had a look online for it but with no luck (besides the official buy link which I don't have the money for) or a v4 version on pirate bay... Can anyone help out/advise if its worth getting?
  9. Hazestep

    Dj Fresh - X-Project

    old school bangerrrrr
  10. Hazestep

    Smooth - Device (Original Mix)

    Reminds me of Chase & Status tribes - anyone else?
  11. Hazestep

    Xample - The Coma

    Where is the sample from? I definitely recognize it from an old liquid tune - reminds me of unknown error - the yearning / apex vip - but doesn't seem to be the case
  12. Hazestep

    Friction - Mad in the Jungle (feat. Doctor)

    Why is this not extended?? Finishes far too soon ?
  13. Absolute stonker of a tune, was released 31st July 2017 on the Controlwerk - Borderline Remixed Edition EP [Electronic Tree] Been searching everywhere for a HQ download but can't find it (would actually buy it but only have Thai Baht now so can't pay for stuff online) If anyone has it can you hook a brother up? Much appreciated Controlwerk - Planet (MRTNZ Remix)
  14. Hazestep

    Ed Sheeran - Shape of You (Rene LaVice Remix)

    Can anyone shoot me a private d/l - for some reason mixstep download wont work even though I can play it off the site -_-)

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