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  1. My first LP is out for free <3 

    Grab it ;D

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    2. MalaMia


      heard a few lose ones on here in a few diferent genres,,,,, and i had to search to find the complete album !!!! i gots u on my radar ow,,,,, awesome to find exciting on da level producers out of the blue ,,,,,,,, cheers ,, and thnk u for the music,,,,,, I'll be showcasing some of it on my weekly radio show on Hot 102 FM,,,,,,, 

    3. third2second


      @MalaMiaThank for your kind words :D Let me know if it happens and send me the podcast link if there's one 


    4. MalaMia


      amen and will do.  the show on FM radio is fridays.  That station doesnt have LIVE streaming , but ill send you this weeks broadcast with the mixes I use your tunes om.


      I have a full time online station broadcasting nonstop,,,,,, have a peek whenever you want and see the sound I promote to the fullest.. theres the Tunein Radio link ,,, Massive Radio Bass is the spot