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  1. Hey Doe,

    I'm stupidly busy with work at the moment.

    I'll send you over the Kimyan Law LP tomorrow if that's ok for you, then I finally got weekend (or whatever that's left of it, lmao).

  2. Hi @Sunlight! Everyone is having a problem with zippyshare now. Can you please take a look?

  3. Looks like someone stumbled upon the footwork section :mml:

    1. one4dee


      Haha hell ya man! Too funky to pass up. Biggup for posting all this great music.

  4. how is your fantasy squad doing?


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    2. doelicious


      That's a damn shame. I'm 2-0, and 1-1 in my other league.

    3. Beautiful
    4. doelicious


      2-0 league I got Zeke, Forte, Hyde, AJ Green, Demaryius, Diggs and Brady. (Streaming QBs until Brady gets back)

      1-1 league is a shallower league so my team is stacked. I have CJ anderson, McCoy, Melvin Gordon, Antonio Brown, Allen Robinson, Jordon Reed, DIggs and Brady.

      I miss the clubland league though. Remember when homie took a kicker in the 1st round? Good times, good times.

  5. Hey you, miss you're face around here:friends:

  6. :wave:

    1. Mich


      Hola man,

      Long time no talk. How ya doin?

    2. doelicious


      I've been good, u? Got any good liquid recommendations for me? :)


    3. Mich


      Apart from the fact that it's 4:24 am now and I have to head to work, everything is excellent.

      And of course man! I will make you a list when I get home from work.

  7. Hey Frenchy, you don't happen to have this track, do you? :)


    1. doelicious


      Haha, nvm! I found it. EP link below if you're interested. Cheers.

  8. Hi Sunny, can you help this guy please?


  9. sorry i didnt get to that carmack track. glad you found it 

    1. doelicious


      No worries bro!

  10. I got the Carmack track re-upped so no need to go diggin' Thanks though!

  11. This new LP is really great, check it out...


  12. Could you do me a big favor and dig back in the crates for Dillinja "All Aboard"?


    Please =)

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    2. djkincaide


      Would not have "Go Dillinja" Would you? haha

      If not it's cool

    3. djkincaide


      Btw love the avatar, one of my fav anime of all time! 

    4. doelicious
  13. hey brotha, would u pls move this to the halfstep/halftime section please? Ty!

  14. i'm checking out truekey's SC and holy crap he is awesome. been wanting to find more stuff like nikitch

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    2. DespisedIcon


      wait what? you are the one that gave me the heads up. you posted his track "Indirect" which got me to check him out on SC

    3. doelicious


      I'm talking about Nikitch!  :dope-slap:  jk  :console:

    4. DespisedIcon


      oh....oops. I just didn't think it was possible for you to NOT know about Nikitch so i didnt consider that an option. lol