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  1. OoziChop

    Mutated Forms - Wastegash (Shield Remix)

    @mypszi halftime
  2. OoziChop

    Thelem - Uno

    always heat from Thelem
  3. OoziChop

    Richie Brains - Who Is Richie Brains

    you the man
  4. OoziChop

    Richie Brains - Likkle Som

    any chance you have the whole LP g?
  5. OoziChop

    Noer the Boy x Indigo Beck - Put It To Em

    that last bit though
  6. https://mixstep.co/09qmk8pzroyw
  7. OoziChop

    sfam & Vide - Roux

    i'd say halfstep but this is straight fire
  8. OoziChop

    DMVU & sfam - Push Gas

  9. OoziChop

    Divis - 6SLG

    dudes got more flow than most people I hear today lol
  10. OoziChop

    TVBOO - Throw It Back

    could go in experimental or even riddim https://mixstep.co/njq0x8fd8bh5
  11. OoziChop

    We're All Human - Fallen Angel

    yo repost this correctly, this is tight
  12. OoziChop

    Pigeon Hole - Dodge Ball

    I'd say their recent releases answer that themselves haha
  13. OoziChop

    Pigeon Hole - Dodge Ball

    these guys have been shitting lately
  14. OoziChop

    Poseidon - Hazia

    definite haltime vibes but i'd almost put in experimental. this is dope coming from poseidon though

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