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  1. Under92

    Never Say Die Vol. 6

    that tune at ~15:00 is insane AF probably space laces
  2. Under92

    Emperor - Box Cutter EP

    i dont think its that great of a tune either, but mark my words, this tune will be everywhere
  3. Under92

    KOAN Sound - Polychrome LP

    why is this not in here
  4. Under92

    Emperor - Box Cutter EP

    guess were gonna hear warpath a lot in future dnb sets
  5. Under92

    Hello let me introduce myself

    tits music group, something i can get behind welcome to CLLV and enjoy
  6. Under92

    Signal - Solitude EP

    holy fuckin shiiiiiiiiiiit this dude
  7. Under92

    Mefjus - Together / Sizzle Fizzle (Remixes)

    that fuckin signal remix
  8. Under92

    Kage - Vibrate

  9. Under92

    Monuman - The Polychoral EP

    sasquatch is straight up FIRE
  10. Under92

    Quix - Illusions EP

    ok hero is officially insane
  11. Under92

    Delta Heavy - Anarchy

    i go one further: qemists moreso than pendulum for me
  12. Under92

    Caspa - Tech Foul (Peekaboo Remix)

    sounds like '09 rusko and '09 excision made a tune
  13. help a man out here
  14. Under92

    Break - Another Way LP

    this is easily his best release to date
  15. Under92

    Redlight - Crazy (Feat. Dread MC)

    reminds me of, you guessed it, flat beat (or mr oizo in general)

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