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  1. ShadowDubz

    Kilner - Wake Up

  2. ShadowDubz

    Nu Aspect - Hunters

  3. ShadowDubz

    Trentcast - Spaceship

    "Did you say a spaceship?.. That's right... ahh, that's what I thought you said"... I thought it was a recent release with the storming of Area 51 coming up 🤣 Turns out it's actually 3 years old, to this day is one of the heaviest alien sounding tunes I've heard and was also released for free, I don't believe there's a single live link to this tune, definitely not that I could find... I'd appreciate it greatly if someone who has it could upload it so I can blast it through my headphones on the spaceship... I mean plane.
  4. ShadowDubz

    Marshmello & SVDDEN DEATH - Sell Out

    Don't think it's next level but it does what it says on the tin.
  5. ShadowDubz

    Blankface - Slip n' Slide

    This is what the Riddim section SHOUD BE.
  6. Where do I start... Well, seen as I've typed so much I guess I should say what I'm looking for out of this post. I want to understand other peoples views, I wanna know if it's just me that feels this way or not. I used to be a MASSIVE Riddim head, still am for the tunes I used to listen to and certain new tunes. I've been out of the game for too long (a year or two) where I haven't been making music as much or even downloading music that much, mainly just streaming. Occasionally I come back here just to see what fire there is & see what artists are getting the most attention and what older artists are still killing it. However, I've noticed that 90% of the Riddim tunes on this site are pure garbage, what happened in the last year or two that I've been distant from music/Riddim for the Riddim "sound" to deteriorate this much??? Is it that everyone jumped on the bandwagon and tried producing it but did a shit job of it? Is it that it's gotten too repetitive and self destructed? Did it just become too mainstream and lose that underground sound? Is it that I was too far into it and the break has made me hear differently? I don't know. Or is it that all the good stuff is being made by new artists that I haven't given a chance yet and all the older artists have given up? Also the main thing that's killing the Riddim section... since when did it become acceptable to shit post countless "chop" remixes and rename them "edits", "vs/x" or worse, "bootlegs". Save that shit for a post in music discussion filed under "Riddim tunes that sound sick together". Honestly from what I've listened to recently (I mean recently released), the only names that spring to mind that I would say are killing it are the likes of HE$H, INFEKT... and well that's pretty much it. What happened to all the massive names? Subfiltronik used to be sick but I never used to see releases just dubplates and anything I do see released is less than mediocre, especially for such a big name. Bommer & Crowell, the guys that made Yasuo which was such a banger before it got remixed by every human in existence, even what I've heard from them recently is trash which is hard for me to say. Fayte, was heavy as fuck and such a unique sound, just found a trash tune from him through about 4 pages of the riddim section. in fact the only tune I was really pleased to see in about 5 pages of the riddim section was Obey - Tommygun, which is old now anyways. I guess to sum it up I just wanna know where Riddim stands. Is it dead, dying, hibernating or is it still alive and I'm missing the bigger picture? Also I wanna know when it's gonna go the full circle and we get Requake back.
  7. ShadowDubz

    LUX - Metalux

    So well produced!
  8. ShadowDubz

    Macky Gee - Tour

    Macky Gee is still a don, true g!
  9. ShadowDubz

    Joker - Anamorphic

    Glad to see Joker's still on top form.
  10. ShadowDubz

    MJ Cole - Pictures In My Head (MJ Cole VIP)

    Nice tune, also a perfect example why the 4x4 section needs to be renamed Bassline Garage, cus this is 4x4 Garage.
  11. ShadowDubz

    Mikey B - Atari (Original Mix)

    What are you classing as 'bassline'? Cus the 4x4 section is the Bassline Garage section.
  12. ShadowDubz

    Culprate & Zenji - Ghostmachine (Original Mix)

    If I could move it myself it'd have been moved to the correct section before I even commented.
  13. ShadowDubz

    Strictly Dubz - Dutty Bass

    More origins of Speed Garage vibes on this one imo.
  14. ShadowDubz

    Culprate & Zenji - Ghostmachine (Original Mix)

    the 4x4/Bassline section wasn't made for tunes like this' bassline garage doesn't have synths like this track does. the only similarity is that it's 140bpm and 4x4. It's more breakbeat/electro house synths in this tune. Oh and also, the drums scream breakbeat especially in the intro. Bassline Garage would even mix too well with the Dubstep drop either, much more Breakbeat territory.
  15. ShadowDubz

    Midi keyboard is out of sync.

    Basically I can't record with my midi keyboard atm because it's out of sync with my screen/metronome. I'll hit a key right when I need to and it lags and puts the note in about 1/8 out of sync. I've used this keyboard for a while now, it's an M-Audio Oxygen 25 and it's only recently started doing this. I'm not sure whether it's the keyboard it's self or something to do with my computer in general. Any advice on this issue would be appreciated as it's completely fucking up my production rate as well as feeding my writers block haha.

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