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  1. Im looking to see if your still taking remixes for ALIEN WARFARE.

    Send me the stems M8 thanks!

  2. Hola m80,

    Could you possibly re-up Krimer - Covenant by any chance?

    Thanks in advance

  3. could you possibly reupload Blankface - Akuma?

  4. Thanks, I think it's a perfect image to reflect myself. haha ;)

  5. love the avatar btw, too real <3

  6. Any chance of re-upping the iron soul tracks as a .zip or .rar? Cheers mate :)

  7. Keep your eye on this thread, someone might post something interesting about Bassline. ;)

  8. thankyou buddy :DD

  9. VIP, congratz man!

  10. Hey man, seen you uploading quite a lot in the Trill Trap section (thanks for that), noticed the majority of em are m4a (which can be annoying cus there's no preview), if you're in need of a decent converter then check this one out, it's the one I use, I'm still running v4.17 but they're upto v4.35 (Windows and MAC available);

    Just make sure the settings are set to 320kbps+'High quality' when converting to mp3, it's easy to use but if you have any problems then just drop me a message. ;)

  11. VIP! Big up corehard, congratz!