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  1. Bobdope

    This is Seed - Bruno Furlan

    could have been anything, probs a slight mistake in the link all your other links were fine except this one
  2. Bobdope

    This is Seed - Bruno Furlan

    This file is triggering my Firewall saying a deceptive site just so you know your other uploads are fine
  3. Bobdope

    Saschiennne - Chambre Bleue

    defo not tech house
  4. Bobdope

    Rudimental - Rumour Mill (Kyle Watson Remix)

    has a slight disclosure stylee to it
  5. Bobdope

    CllV Radio

    applied for a set 3 years internet radio experience here :)
  6. Bobdope

    CllV Radio Time Slots

    1) Your DJ Name & Livestream Username :Timbrindleyofficial Dj Name Tim Brindley 2) Email Address : [email protected] 3) Genres you play : Everything Drum and bass/Tech house/garage/Progressive 4) Video* sample of your mixing : 5) Desired day and time slot in GMT Sunday 6pm Uk Time if possible :) Thanks Tim
  7. Bobdope

    Hot Since 82 - Play The Room

    this is music
  8. Bobdope

    Ruben Garvi - Pixel Love (Original Mix)

    Liking the new downloader much quicker than zippy :)
  9. Bobdope

    Rainy Sunday Mix Volume 2

    Rainy Sundays Volume 2 https://i.chzbgr.com/maxW500/8451018496/hDDD0AE82/ https://soundcloud.com/timbrindley/rainy-sunday-mix Yes i know its Wednesday only just had time to upload :D :D :D Enjoy
  10. Bobdope

    Alex Adair - Make Me Feel Better (Don Diablo & CID Remix)

    can we get a re up please?
  11. Bobdope

    Howling - Signs (Rødhåd Remix)

    can we get a Re-up HEEEE HEEE
  12. Bobdope

    Sasha - Vapourspace

    Holy shit he played this at BPM didnt know what it was Top post We need more Sasha post BTW :)
  13. Bobdope

    Latest Mix

    Im not sure if this is allowed or in the right place but here is my latest mix https://soundcloud.com/timbrindley/rainy-sundays-house-mix
  14. can we have a re up please didnt get round to downloading this yet thanks :)
  15. Bobdope

    Sam Smith - Lay Me Down (Paul Woolford Remix)

    re up please

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