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  1. can you send me: Badklaat - Buh! (The Argonauts Remix)

    really curiouss!!!!!

  2. As long as they are legit files then yes :)

    although "leaks" are not accepted at the moment. but if they were released (either privately or publicly) you are 100% OK to post them :)

    also, you are posting your responses on you own page. Click "View Conversation" to respond to me (ganja3)

  3. Songs i can't find anywhere in the web anymore

  4. Songs i can't find anywhere on the web anymore

  5. What do you mean by exclusive?

  6. thank you very much! i will make good use of it :)

    just for my own understanding, do you guys want me to upload my exclusive dubstep songs ?

  7. Welcome to CllV! I hope to see you part of the community!

    Enjoy a lifetime of free access! (ganja3)