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  1. BigClit

    Posij - On The One

    This would be halftime, but this is a nice deep banger
  2. BigClit

    Howie Lee - The Gate

    Yes, post the LP, please!!
  3. MP3: https://beatexs.com/1ah5e1ss3a2u
  4. @TR0LL Crizzly and Caked Up fighting at Foam Wonderland makes the most sense. Just goes to show how much of an impact Caked Up really had lmao
  5. I'm having the case of the "shitty memory" and can't remember which DJ got jumped for trying to get his USB back. I thought it was Crizzly at first but nothing came up when I tried searching for it
  6. BigClit

    Artist you wish would come back?

    Also, who tf remembers Nick Thayer?
  7. BigClit

    Artist you wish would come back?

    @TR0LL Yeah I wasn't trying to excuse her cause she's hot obviously lol, content > faces I always say. Sucks cause there was true potential with her sound and the sound Paint had going on, but then again idk how much of that was Tsuruda. And yeah she'll probably get more festival spots because "g0rl pr0ducer ?", this is off topic but there's a local DJ in my city (won't name who) that's said in front of me and other mutuals that she had no interest in producing, then a year later she's on tour with Boogie T, getting booked at festivals & has a single or two out. Shit's fishy ?
  8. BigClit

    Artist you wish would come back?

    @Arkaid13 also YEAH I 1000% agree with the old BadKlaat one, I went to see him with Space Laces on the bill too, and it was an okay set at best sadly. Same with Space Laces too surprisingly (i feel like space had more good stuff though)
  9. BigClit

    Artist you wish would come back?

    @TR0LL big up & RIP to Razat & Barron I wish I was able to get Razat's last EP on vinyl when it was available. When did Huxley & Tsuruda break up? Because I know the two of them are/were doing the "Paint." project, but now that I'm thinking about it I haven't seen a new Paint release in a while either. I'm sure Tsuruda helped his "bae" with production so much so that now that she's on her own with it she feel's clueless, but then again I could be too cooked right now lmao. Either way, she's on a line up for this festival I should be going to in a couple of months (Valhalla Sound Circus) so I'll see how that goes. I hope she doesn't turn into the Mija of the halftime scene and then gets accepted because she's a milf (I have no reason to cap on this forum lul). @FrnchPAir I think what happened with Milo & Otis is that NYMZ had a kid so his focus shifted, then KillaGraham went on the Kenny Beats (Loudpvck) route and started working on rap beats. The timing sucked because they had an Owsla release that was lined up and who knows what else. Point Point with Alesia and What So Not with Flume will always be sorely missed
  10. A few come to mind: Djemba Djemba (released a project under the Magic In The Rain name last year) The Frim Phonat
  11. BigClit

    Night Grinderz 2019 Live Stream

    Does anyone have a video grab of the live stream from DubRebelion? It got copyright struck recently and there's no re-up that I've seen.
  12. BigClit

    Akira - Fox N' Hoond VIP

    You're not alone, I bought this from him too To be fair, the artist can do whatever they want with their songs, but if you say it's going to be exclusive maybe keep it that way?
  13. BigClit

    Bot, Sage Armstrong - Amber Alert (Original Mix)

    Do you have the rest of this release?

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