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  1. stijn1191

    Bou - Wine Ya B

    Techstep might be a better fit btw?
  2. stijn1191

    Bou - Wine Ya B

  3. stijn1191

    Alix Perez live set track

    yooo, big set by alix perez. I'm looking for pretty much all of these... who can help me out?
  4. stijn1191

    Terrence & Phillip - Limitless

    This actually deserves lossless.. i love it when tunes do cool stuff with panning
  5. stijn1191

    Will Clarke & Eli Brown — Our Love

    +1 for our love
  6. stijn1191

    Mefjus & Maksim - Manifest (VIP)

    Damn, i wish that drop was longer
  7. stijn1191

    DC Breaks - Halo VIP

    Also here: The original is much better imo
  8. stijn1191

    DC Breaks - Mankind 2019

    Mankind VIP is so much better imo
  9. stijn1191

    Fake Blood - The Fear

    Who remembers 🙂
  10. stijn1191

    Dateless - Conformist

    That tune you uploaded is his "Closer to me" track from the same ep. Not conformist (btw. this is just a heads-up, i'm not interested in the track)
  11. stijn1191

    ODESZA - A Moment Apart Remixes

    The mild minds remix is goooood thanks : )
  12. stijn1191

    Haywyre - Let Me Hear That

    Soo funky, any1 picked it up alrdy? Also in need of his other tunes of the upcoming album ofc
  13. stijn1191

    Dark Sky - Shades

    woops, well it is lossless but not flac It's lossless m4a
  14. stijn1191

    Dark Sky - Shades

    Big banger in flac for you ❤️ Normally i would put it in UK Bass, but that section hardly sees any traffic so it fits here better for now 😜 https://mixstep.co/q3gbr5hlbemx
  15. stijn1191

    CASHEW - Shine Hard

    Such a weird tune, but i have to say it has something

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