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  1. Hey man, do you have the rest of the Zonderling - Cluster EP as well? :)

    1. pixal64


      No man, just grabbed that one :console:
      You can find the whole thing on though.

  2. Hey Emily, i'm just wondering what the source is of all your tunes/ you'r posting. Do you buy them yourself or do you get them somewhere online

    1. Emily


      All tunes comes from my brother . I don't know which site he use. I can ask him :)

    2. stijn1191


      if you could, Thanks!

  3. Hey Mikelandjelo,

    I love most of your uploads. But i got a little request ;)

    Could you please upload a few tracks of the savefabric compilation? ^^

    The flacs of:

    Paleman - Sore, 

    Max Cooper & Satirist - Grit, 

    _Unsubscribe_ - FFS, R (Loop Mix), 

    Future Beat Alliance - Sleaze Bag, 

    Kate Simko feat. Amunet Shah - All Heart, 

    Marc Houle - Broken Wing 


    Thanks in advance ! 

    1. mikelandjelo


      ok no problem :D


    2. stijn1191


      You are da man!!

  4. PM sent ✉️

  5. Could you also please upload the other tracks of the new Emperor EP? :)

    1. SkareLed


      Yeah I'm on it :D

  6. Gratz on FIRE :D but does this mean you stepped down from being a mod?

    1. FrnchPAir


      Correct, just uploading those dope ass tunes from now on

  7. yo! you think you can post that Dan Bedingfield - gotta get thru this tune :)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Sampler1


      sick!! thanks dude! 

    3. Sampler1


      do you have the original or is it much of a difference to have the original? don't want to waste energy if it sounds like the same track :)

    4. stijn1191


      This is the original: 

      And as you can hear, it's quite similar to the remix... i like the remix more tho and therefor i don't have the original ;)

  8. Thanks for the wavs but you should write your titles like this:

    artist ft. blabla - title (blabla remix)

    So with the artist and without ".wav"

    I do encourage the sharing of lossless files tho!

    1. rythmicskirmish


      I don't speak english very well and i just copy and paste feel free to rename or change post.

    2. stijn1191


      Ah, just post it like this please, i don't have mod powers:

      "Years & Years - King (Milo Mills Remix)"


    3. FrnchPAir


      Post correctly please. Read the rules

  9. hey, could you please re-up Mumdance - Take Time feat. Novelist?

  10. Yoo 6, could you re-up Document One - Follow Me? Please :) 

    Thanks in advance!

  11. hey, sorry i took so long to reply. and sorry im not really around anymore. life got really busy. actually life completely changed for me and i find myself with absolutely no time for the internet haha. hopefully ill find a nice routine and get back into cllv sometime in the future

    1. stijn1191


      Ah no problem ;), real life comes first 

      Good luck, i'll probably see you around here from time to time ^^

  12. Becs where are you? i don't see you here that much anymore (now that i am writing this i see you'r still active, with liking, though ^^)

  13. Hey man, could you please re-up your todd terje tunes? :)

  14. hey man, could  you please re-up  Todd Terje - Delorean Dynamite ?