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  1. stijn1191

    EDM Listeners

  2. stijn1191

    The Beast is Here

    Maybe it sounds a bit too ez.. but why don't we just ban vk posts? It would at least solve PART of the problem. Yes vk sometimes has legit posts, but the amount of shit on there is incredible.. P.S. How do you ignore a user? ^^
  3. stijn1191

    Haywyre - Panorama: Discover

    Got/found it myself, enjoy this in wav https://www116.zippyshare.com/v/Deddwk2r/file.html
  4. stijn1191

    The Beast is Here

    Metal, is it true that you just repost everthing from vk? If that's true i would like to ask you to stop that. Since the quality of the songs is debatable at best and I wouldent want clubland to be just another vk clone.
  5. stijn1191

    Haywyre - Panorama: Discover

    Lossless any1?
  6. Big tuna, thanks for the lossless file
  7. stijn1191

    Ginuwine - Pony (Rustie remix)

    @doylebs nice to see you are still here ^^ Yeah, re-up for the regular version here: https://mixstep.co/xnh2j8n1d9hh
  8. stijn1191

    Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (12" Club Mix)

    re-up in wav: https://mixstep.co/pywratpdkyyj
  9. stijn1191

    TroyBoi - VIBEZ EP

    Sunset in costa rica is amazing. the rest meh imo
  10. stijn1191

    Mike G - Doja (w/ Tommy Swisher & Theo Ferragamo) 

    Nvm bought it on google play (crappy spek): https://mixstep.co/bbsa118rmy5b
  11. Any1 got this? Nice and chill
  12. stijn1191

    Rockwell – Content

    Fuck Buss it and Content are so good. Anyone got lossless of those?
  13. stijn1191

    Inward, Hanzo & Randie - Consistency Of Error (Remixed) LP

    That Gydra remix is da best
  14. stijn1191

    Liquid Stranger - Polarity EP

    i rly like the start of mind over matter. But that "hard" dubstep part doesnt do it justice

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