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  1. metaphor

    Flamingosis - Flight Fantastic

    I do indeed @waxnwayne, could you remind me in a few hours? on mobile at the moment Edit: Here it is in FLAC @waxnwayne!! https://mixstep.co/f8t2jp86la7p
  2. metaphor

    Lindsay Lowend - Wind Fish EP

    Thank you so much @FrnchPAir!!
  3. metaphor

    Random Movement - Life is Permanent EP

    Thank you @chuckens!!!
  4. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Life-Permanent-EP-Random-Movement/dp/B072KZTBNP
  5. metaphor

    Lindsay Lowend - Wind Fish EP

    Anyone have a copy of this in 2018???
  6. metaphor

    Anjunabeats Presents The Yearbook 2018 Vol. 2

    Why the 'Vol. 2' @metalbeast?
  7. metaphor

    VA - Gradients Vol. 2 [Astrophonica]

    Haven't listened yet, but if the first volume was anything to go by, it should be great. Do you happen to have a copy of the first one @Camarlo ??
  8. metaphor

    Com Truise - Iteration (Album)

    Do you have any other Com Truise releases @metalbeast??
  9. metaphor

    Dirty South - Darko

    Thank you @metalbeast:D
  10. metaphor

    Jaytech - System Ignition (Original Mix)

    Thank you @nickkoko!!
  11. metaphor

    Alexander Popov - Intention

    Do you have the whole 'Intention' album zipped anywhere @metalbeast?
  12. metaphor

    Winter Vibes

  13. metaphor

    Winter Vibes

    Can't get enough of this track, think it's great how this topic has tracked the increase in the Family Hahas production values. New Winter Vibes posts coming soon!
  14. Brasstracks are the jam for sure @Mephistopheles, this is the track that put me on them: I had never heard that 'Opposite Ways' track, thanks for the share!!
  15. metaphor

    Artificial Intelligence - The Series Season 1

    Don't even listen to AI tracks before downloading nowadays, everything they do is gold.

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