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  1. metaphor

    VA - Gradients Vol. 2 [Astrophonica]

    Haven't listened yet, but if the first volume was anything to go by, it should be great. Do you happen to have a copy of the first one @Camarlo ??
  2. metaphor

    Com Truise - Iteration (Album)

    Do you have any other Com Truise releases @metalbeast??
  3. metaphor

    Dirty South - Darko

    Thank you @metalbeast:D
  4. metaphor

    Jaytech - System Ignition (Original Mix)

    Thank you @nickkoko!!
  5. metaphor

    Alexander Popov - Intention

    Do you have the whole 'Intention' album zipped anywhere @metalbeast?
  6. metaphor

    Winter Vibes

  7. metaphor

    Winter Vibes

    Can't get enough of this track, think it's great how this topic has tracked the increase in the Family Hahas production values. New Winter Vibes posts coming soon!
  8. Brasstracks are the jam for sure @Mephistopheles, this is the track that put me on them: I had never heard that 'Opposite Ways' track, thanks for the share!!
  9. metaphor

    Artificial Intelligence - The Series Season 1

    Don't even listen to AI tracks before downloading nowadays, everything they do is gold.
  10. metaphor

    Krischvn - Voibe

    Oh I'm in here @Mephistopheles, this goes, big ups for the tag Just had a look at the whole EP on soundcloud and my days does it slap, hook a dude up @FrnchPAir??
  11. metaphor

    Zeke Beats - Devastate EP

    https://dbr.ee/bcxC @maxim.menage
  12. metaphor

    CLand radio perhaps?

    oh I see! Maybe some spotify playlists? I think @Xplosiv may have mentioned the spotify idea before. I'm not overly familiar with Spotify so not sure how that would work in terms of subscriptions/accounts etc. but does that cover your idea? Or maybe a youtube account just for putting tracks uploaded here into playlists? idk
  13. metaphor

    Zeke Beats - Devastate EP

    I feel that @Mephistopheles, alright sweet I look forward to it
  14. metaphor

    Monuman - Spectre

    He sure did @Mephistopheles, check the first couple of tracks on his Soundcloud page (Monuman that is) their a little more Emperor-y and are imo bigger than this ep
  15. metaphor

    Zeke Beats - Devastate EP

    got any recent tracks like these (with sweet use of irl instruments) @Mephistopheles??

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