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  1. twonb1tc4

    Ternion Sound - Monsterpiece

    any chance at a wav or lossless? sick tune
  2. twonb1tc4

    filthsun. - Sleep

  3. twonb1tc4

    West Coast Bass Genre Addition

    Sick. I was hoping it would happen. I think future bass is probably the best section for it. @FrnchPAir
  4. twonb1tc4

    Easyjack - Hybrid Cluster Vol. 1

    Some pretty vibey midtempo rhythms. Mastered well too
  5. twonb1tc4

    Breaka - B1. Damn Hot (Danny Scrilla Remix)

    love the mix of styles. banger
  6. twonb1tc4

    Icicle - Organic Step

    @wumpabsolute legend
  7. twonb1tc4

    Howie Lee - The Gate

    yes def. In lossless if possible
  8. twonb1tc4

    Buunshin - Thoughts

    such a sick track
  9. twonb1tc4

    13 - Mirage

    pretty sure this is halftime
  10. twonb1tc4

    Artsever - Fierce/Ruthless

    Methlab has been putting out straight fire recently. Both of these tracks bang https://methlabagency.bandcamp.com/album/artsever-fierce-ruthless
  11. twonb1tc4

    West Coast Bass Genre Addition

    Goin through the first couple pages of halftime and I came up with these tracks that could be classified as such @FrnchPAir ‘
  12. twonb1tc4

    Pigeon Hole - No Coming Back

    @FrnchPAirYa pretty much everything coming out of Pigeon Hole is Leftfield. They even have a track called Left Field lol
  13. twonb1tc4

    West Coast Bass Genre Addition

    @FrnchPAir here ya go: Majority of it is stuff either you or @Monster Juiceposted in the experimental section. I could go through the halftime section and probably pick out some more from there
  14. twonb1tc4

    West Coast Bass Genre Addition

    Sweet glad I could contribute something @FrnchPAir I think our best bet is "Leftfield Bass" Beatport already has a section dedicated to it https://www.beatport.com/genre/leftfield-bass/85 I'm leaning towards putting it under Drum and Bass just because it has so many similarities with a few of those sub-genres but I think it would be fine under Future Beats/Bass I'll start working on a list of 50 to put in there
  15. twonb1tc4

    West Coast Bass Genre Addition

    I've called it westcoast bass. It's a difficult genre to pindown I think because of it's postmodern nature in the sense that it's a mix of a lot of different bass music genres. I think one defining characteristic would be the hip hop influence and not just trap. I think one really great example is G Jones Ya there's big drops and crazy modulated mid range noises but it certainly isn't dubstep and the rhythms have a more hip hop influence than DnB so it isn't really halftime. Drawing on G Jones as an example again, this song has heavy jungle influence but I don't think can be categorized as a strictly Jungle track To give another example from a prominent producer is the west coast bass music scene, here is Sayer: This kind of track is likely to be put in the Experimental or Halftime Section and I don't know that it really belongs in there. In fact, many "West Coast Bass" tracks end up in the experimental section largely because of their broken, syncopated rhythms which is prevalent in many of these kinds of tracks. This very post by you @FrnchPAirI think could be put into a West Coast Bass Section If you find this post pertinent, I can go and find more examples to meet your quota of 50 but I would like to maybe get some feedback first. Now, the question of what to name this section, I don't know that "West Coast Bass" is a good title because, although this style is heavily prominent in the pacific northwest, that's not the only people making it and it's gaining more traction worldwide especially with people like G Jones being so popular. The name of this genre is subject to a lot of debate in the bass music scene here on the west coast. I've heard "leftfield" (cause it's rhythms seemingly come out of nowhere), or just the simple "weird bass" which is just non-descriptive. I've also heard "experimental bass" but I'm really not a big fan because as the style gains more traction there isn't much "experimenting" going on. Except Bleep Bloop. That crazy MFer can claim the title experimental. I personally call it "Break Bass" sorta referencing drum breaks (and also kinda sounds like breakbeat) because I feel like it often switches between different bass music styles from all around. I feel adding this genre would help cleanup the dubstep, trap, halftime, and experimental sections and make it easier to find the kind of tracks I'm looking for. That's my 2 cents

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