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  1. pele2009

    riddim compilation

    @2Espea much appreciated
  2. pele2009

    riddim compilation

    a few years ago, I used to have about 200 or something like that riddim tunes which I never saved on a external harddrive.As many of the links are down, since i'm talking about 2013 2014 or even older i'm wondering if it happens that any of you has that many tunes and could compile them into a rar file and share with me and even other people that would appreciate listening to the old dubstep/riddim tunes ( 50carrot, vylex, akira, subfiltronik, supreme,requake, megalodon, etc) Thank you in advance.
  3. pele2009

    Kromestar - Alpha Seven EP

    @K.LINE where the link at??
  4. pele2009

    Benzmixer - Money Up Front (Khalil Remix)

    @Brisstopher you're awesome, thank you !
  5. pele2009

    Benzmixer - Money Up Front (Khalil Remix)

    U got the above plates as well?
  6. pele2009

    Elephantz - Im Out (Original Mix)

    maybe work more on your mixdown g :)
  7. pele2009

    London Nebel - The Red Planet (Original Mix)

    bukez finezt's type
  8. pele2009

    Abstrakt Sonance – 100 Popcorns

    who cares?? it sounds good doesn't it?
  9. pele2009

    Slugfest - Bang

    fuck meeeeeeeee :o
  10. pele2009

    Dubloadz & Trollphace - Dangalang

    the production on this is way beyond my thinking......
  11. pele2009

    12 Grade & Dubzap - Chop Swarm

    me & dubzap thank you for showin love :) enjoy the tune !!!
  12. pele2009

    Kombot - Androids EP

  13. pele2009

    Midnight Tyrannosaurus - Love Potion

    horrible mixdown.....
  14. pele2009

    Enemy - Enemy EP

    soundcloud/fb page??
  15. pele2009

    Feary - Move On EP

    indeed,he made such a big progress :)

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