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  1. I'm on vacation for the next month and I'm not taking my laptop with me, so I'l have very limited response to all PMs. Here is every other staff member you can contact if you require assistance for anything:

    See y'all when I get back.


  2. Hi ! Please re-up : Mefjus - Suicide Bassline / Continuous


    1. MasterChief


      My computer got fried a week ago and I just got it back. This single is gone, sorry about that :(

    2. Lstrk


      it's ok, thx anyway :)

  3. Thanks for making the stickies, I totally forgot haha

    1. Walter Wonkite

      Walter Wonkite

      no worries man! thanks for solid descriptions! :D

    2. Walter Wonkite

      Walter Wonkite

      do you have any examples for these? 

    3. MasterChief


      I'll find some and edit the posts you made

  4. Forward unto Dawn.

  5. Dogsonacid was mine haha. Maybe we have though, we just don't know it yet ;)

  6. thought by chance maybe I would have ran into you before, was basically the first forum board I would frequent back in the day..

  7. by any chance did you used frequent the old

  8. ayyy, you da real mvp.

    Thanks man!

  9. Mister, did you happen to grab the Four Tet Remix of Eric Prydz - Opus?

  10. Thanks Master! growing!

  11. Liking the gold ;)