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  1. @TR0LL yeah lmao, its kind of the opposite of halfstep, dope song tho!
  2. QBiK

    Barely Alive & SampliFire - Can't Hold Back

    @apocolyps755 oh definately, not denying thats its a great track and samplifire is a quality producer, id just rather hear whats in their world, not a regurgitation of someone elses world. at the same time tho, im still gonna drop it in my sets
  3. QBiK

    Barely Alive & Eliminate - Crankin

    @apocolyps755 i agree about the exploring different tempos, ive been experimenting with 130 dubstep in my own music. But there was something that felt really off about the barely alive parts, the eliminate part worked really well but just something about the rhythm of the growls or something kept throwing me off
  4. QBiK

    Barely Alive & SampliFire - Can't Hold Back

    @apocolyps755 samplifires style more recently has been more of a cross between space laces and like mastadon. this has like the same patterns and timbre of a pretty popular sudden death song that i cant remember the name of off the top of my head
  5. QBiK

    Barely Alive & SampliFire - Can't Hold Back

    they did that in bubstep too with the second drop copying svdden death
  6. QBiK

    Barely Alive & SampliFire - Can't Hold Back

    dude wtf, this feels like almost a direct remake of svdden death songs
  7. QBiK

    Barely Alive & Eliminate - Crankin

    wtf is up with this tempo change
  8. QBiK

    Sir Spyro - Top A Top (Kanine Bootleg)

    i think its pretty solid
  9. QBiK

    Macky Gee & Phantasy - Danger

    fuck dude im diggin this macky gee goi
  10. QBiK

    TOWERS - Smoke King

    my lord
  11. this is like jump up
  12. QBiK

    Beauflexx - Drop (original)

  13. QBiK

    Beauflexx - Show you

    damn that second drop tho!

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