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  1. ramjamsam

    Ramjamsam - Green Eggs

    Heres a new tune I did! In honor of Dr. Suess It's a Free download! Support me on SoundCloud! WAV. <iframe src="https://beatexs.com/embed/y3xr0jh7ajyh" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width="100%" height="150"></iframe> MP3. <iframe src="https://beatexs.com/embed/1nw5vde676iw" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width="100%" height="150"></iframe>
  2. Thanks for the support! 

  3. ramjamsam

    Ramjamsam - Gouda Hop

    Support me on Soundcloud Wav. https://beatexs.com/3vje83xt4sb9 Would love to hear your thoughts! (I may have forgotten how to make a proper post to get the mixstep player, I hope it works)
  4. wav https://beatexs.com/zo15wlvltcto Support me on Soundcloud
  5. ramjamsam

    Paket - Justice (Original Mix)

    Hahah my pleasure! They have been lots of fun
  6. ramjamsam

    Ramjamsam - Space Jam

    Wav https://beatexs.com/f8yzk9gccb9t Mp3 https://beatexs.com/1176mr6pj6se Support on soundcloud.
  7. ramjamsam

    Element 43 - Stellar (K I M M Y Remix)

    Hey KIMMY! Your productions are so good! I had a couple suggestions that you might like: I felt the plucks in the intro can be spiced up a bit, maybe with a random off-key note somewhere in there at 0:55 you introduce a new sound. i felt it was a little sudden. You could try adding in a small crash or even a ride hit there. Love that break down at 2:10 SICK! Second drop, That up and down arp, Great addition. Overall I love this track man well done!!
  8. ramjamsam

    Ramjamsam - Space Jam

    https://beatexs.com/f8yzk9gccb9t Would love some feedback!
  9. ramjamsam

    Paket - Justice (Original Mix)

    You are most welcome
  10. ramjamsam

    Ramjamsam - Not Much, You? Ft Extrodias

    Hahaha i haven't watched too much trailer park boys, but i get the reference
  11. ramjamsam

    Paket - Justice (Original Mix)

    You're most welcome
  12. MP3 https://beatexs.com/y4rojqiq5dps
  13. MP3 https://beatexs.com/d98qzkncz3or
  14. MP3 https://beatexs.com/tqzk0a65ju2x
  15. MP3 https://beatexs.com/6hhy000k4awz

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