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  1. https://beatexs.com/8faa19xhzo25
  2. https://beatexs.com/qx9fg4n2i867
  3. https://beatexs.com/ai9l913ebzjg
  4. ❤️ https://beatexs.com/wegp7ksqw1ct https://beatexs.com/1uwswzkzp2fn
  5. Daniel Pure

    Stoltenhoff - Hitman

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ https://beatexs.com/30rdsyvezi70
  6. Daniel Pure

    Frank Dueffel - X-Rays (Original Mix)

    It is already from 2-3 years but it is well made and makes an amazing atmosphere ❤️
  7. Daniel Pure

    Armin van Buuren - Stickup (Extended Mix)

  8. Daniel Pure

    Prismo - Stronger (Raiko Remix)

    @Xplosiv does the song look like it was transcoded, processed or modified? Do you really think that I would like to add songs that have been converted or recorded stream using a recoder?. I'm sorry, you feel that way. P.S. I encourage you to do the analysis of the song I added, use the Nyquist and Shannon criteria. You'll see that everything is fine, the song has the same parameters as for Beatport..
  9. Daniel Pure

    Prismo - Stronger (Raiko Remix)

    @Xplosiv jeaah. I use a program that offers downloading in the best quality from streaming websites. It happens that my friends do not have in the collection of music that I am looking for, then I use the programs. easy and pleasant solution and most importantly free.
  10. Daniel Pure

    A3 Discography [Riddim]

    I will give you some https://beatexs.com/1y7g62b6g3ui https://beatexs.com/59eo43c0z35m https://beatexs.com/16in369q7b8n https://beatexs.com/5vaubz1r5dw4 https://beatexs.com/mvmztpru61xn
  11. Daniel Pure

    Netsky eps/albums uploads anyone?

    Netsky - 3 [Sony Music UK][2016] Netsky - Abbot Kinney [Republic Records][2018] Netsky - Come Alive [Virgin][2012] Netsky - Forget What You Look Like [Sony Music UK][2016] Netsky - I Don’t Even Know You Anymore (Remixes) [Republic Records][2019] Netsky - I Don’t Even Know You Anymore [Republic Records][2019] Netsky - Ice Cold [Republic Records][2018] Netsky - Iron Heart (Nu_Logic Remix) [Hospital Records][2019] Netsky - Rio (Remixes) [Sony Music UK][2015] Netsky - Rio [Sony Music UK][2015] Netsky - Running Low (Remixes) [Sony Music UK][2014] Netsky - Snitch [Republic Records][2019] Netsky - Téquila Limonada (Remixes) [Republic Records][2018] https://beatexs.com/ci81vjm2u0qa
  12. Daniel Pure

    Prismo - Stronger (Raiko Remix)

  13. Daniel Pure

    Majistrate & Voltage - Go

  14. Daniel Pure

    NIGHTMØDE - Same Old Problems


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