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  1. SoundsOfTheGhost

    Skantia - Cluster

    Safe for the WAV fam
  2. SoundsOfTheGhost

    Zeds Dead - Undah Yuh Skirt feat Mavado

    Anyone got a re-up of this? Reason I'm not PM'ing is because ideally a WAV / 320 as looks like the above was Anyone got a re-up of this? Reason I'm not PM'ing is because ideally a WAV / 320 as looks like the above was 256 not a 320. SAFE
  3. SoundsOfTheGhost

    DisKrete - Crash Landing

  4. SoundsOfTheGhost

    Sir Spyro - Top A Top (Kanine Bootleg)

    Fuuuuuuuck https://mixstep.co/ky8xfn8lmg2c
  5. SoundsOfTheGhost

    Bob Marley - Could You Be Loved (R3dX Bootleg)

    Honestly one of the biggest bootlegs on road at the moment Goes OFF live Could be deep but Jump Up IMO - move if necessary. You're welcome peeeeeps https://mixstep.co/maj64cv68od9
  6. SoundsOfTheGhost

    Smooth - Monster Inside

    This is naughty AF
  7. For shitz, giggs, and the ultimate opening track for the GoT heads https://mixstep.co/br3mmzc4g5iu
  8. SoundsOfTheGhost

    Kings Of The Rollers

    I had to grab the LP - love the artwork. Also I don't always like KOTR style - but I actually think this is a low-key masterpiece. Guitar track is such a dark horse
  9. SoundsOfTheGhost

    Fade Black - Unknown

    So Shyun & Cruk have now formed a duo called Fade Black, signed under Critical - check out their first tune - cinematic shiz https://mixstep.co/c8u0sibu55mm
  10. SoundsOfTheGhost

    Teddy Killerz & Nais - Twinge

    I'm with you on this - a lot of the Tech tunes I post I'm not sure whether they are deep or Jump Up - since the rise of the Benny L and Serum heavy bass + snare that bridges the gap, vs. the clearly obvious Hype / Hazard / Heist Jump Up it's not such an easy distinction anymore. Interesting times indeed
  11. SoundsOfTheGhost

    Critical Impact - Crazy / Far Away

    Thanks @Emily! 😀
  12. SoundsOfTheGhost

    Ocean Wisdom ft. Dizzee Rascal - Revvin' (Whiney Bootleg)

    Bump, looking for this one too but likely to stay a dub!
  13. SoundsOfTheGhost

    Critical Impact - Crazy / Far Away

    https://www.metalheadz.co.uk/vinyl/meta071 Critical Impact has been smashing it recently! DRS is hard on Crazy too 🔥
  14. SoundsOfTheGhost

    Need for Mirrors - Cactus EP

    https://boomkat.com/products/cactus-ep-08dbfda2-ffd3-4064-82dc-d076a397cd28 Love this but just want Lambo to come out already
  15. SoundsOfTheGhost

    SNB050 EP

    All incredible remixes

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