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  1. SoundsOfTheGhost

    DRS- Space Cadet EP

  2. SoundsOfTheGhost

    DRS- Space Cadet EP

    Serious variety on this release https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=drs+space+cadet&oq=Drs+space+c&aqs=chrome.0.0j69i57j0l3.2325j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  3. Vibey little number from Phibes https://mixstep.co/5temrr0adesn
  4. SoundsOfTheGhost

    Blacklab - Singe

    Wicked upload, do you have Tear me Down too?
  5. SoundsOfTheGhost

    XAV - No Limit

    Feel free to move but felt this dropped into the KOTR deeper side of Jump Up https://mixstep.co/mni0xhvn5vqu
  6. SoundsOfTheGhost

    Silent Storm - Unknown

    Hope y'all had a good Christmas people https://mixstep.co/abi2s7yn354o
  7. SoundsOfTheGhost

    TC - Tap Ho (LLEW Xmas Ho Ho Ho Bootleg)

    Don't hate me but I'm several gluhweins deep and I'm on a xmas bootleg hype right now https://mixstep.co/0obxyth1z1yl
  8. SoundsOfTheGhost

    Outline & Accolade - Sleigh Bells

    If you're looking for something festive to drop tomorrow then look no further https://mixstep.co/wvv9a54iliu5
  9. SoundsOfTheGhost

    Bou - Poison VIP

  10. SoundsOfTheGhost

    High Contrast - Days Go By

    Cheeky bump
  11. SoundsOfTheGhost

    Droptek - Fragments

    Almost sounds like Bensley
  12. SoundsOfTheGhost

    The Widdler - Sensi Samurai

    This was the JAM back then - this and Woo Boost got rolled on HARD
  13. SoundsOfTheGhost

    Mefjus - If I Could (REBRTH Remix)

    @TR0LLRespect that you came through with the .Wav after your point - but I just feel for a sharing forum we need to be careful about complaining about music that's been bought by someone else to share. Kind of like buying someone a sandwich and them being pissed off about the type even though they never asked for one. I bought Delta Heavy's Anarchy on Amazon, realised the lower bitrate and then re-bought an M4a which was the only available other output. For me, having an issue with M4A as a major file format and then saying, 'well, if it's ONLY available like that then it's fine' just doesn't make sense for me. This kind of music is elitist enough as it is sometimes without us getting on each other for file formats which are sold that way. Instead of the callout - why not just share the .mp3 or the .wav on the OP for the heads that want it. That said - no hate from me, I'm just a big believer that we can do what we do here, without snubbing the small kindnesses people share on this site. I get rips, transcodes etc, just not the hate on a tune thats been bought by someone else for our pleasure or convenience. Either way, big ups to you [email protected] the share, and yes, I will be spinning the Wav. ...But if I didn't, I'd just bust the M4A in my yard regardless
  14. SoundsOfTheGhost

    Jam Thieves - Brooklyn Vip Free Download


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