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  1. Battery_K

    Cristan Ajja - Worzel Gummage

  2. Battery_K

    Venetica - Force Majeure (Extended Mix)

    I consider this Uplifting Trance
  3. Battery_K

    I got production software if anyone needs

    @DJLOW PMd
  4. Battery_K

    DJ Program Requests

    @Doses666look on ru*tracker*org there is Traktor 3 workable. I have s4 mk1, working on my win 10 great. When installing driver, there could be the issue that you'll have to install the driver twice. First launch will erase previous versions of the driver (installed with Traktor itself), second launch of the installer will install the driver. Cheers
  5. Battery_K

    Greetings from Latvia!

    @Daniel Pure thanks for welcoming:)) yes, actually nightlife is improving at the moment - we’ve hip-hop / house / techno / DnB / EDM clubs. You’re always welcome in our city:)
  6. Battery_K

    Oski - In Check

    Love it! Thanks!
  7. Battery_K

    Greetings from Latvia!

    yeeee, how do you know?) Autentika, Neverlate Club, Follow the Rabbit, Dj Bar, HHC Bar, Republika
  8. Battery_K

    Greetings from Latvia!

    Is Drum'n'Bass popular there?:) In terms of local stuff here half of people love house/techno, half - dnb. Trap/Dubstep scene is pretty small for now.
  9. Battery_K

    Greetings from Latvia!

    Essential’s closed since 2012, then it became El Divino till 2015. But I really don’t know what’s there now, might have to check the spot ??? And where are you from?? @Gattsu and where are you from?))
  10. Battery_K

    Greetings from Latvia!

    Hello, everyone! Battery K's here. Playing DnB mostly neurofunk/techstep/jump up/liquid in local bars of RIga, Europe. Hope to explore more genres here ( the list of subgenres here is crazy!!! just wow!!! ), help with requests. and get new friends- DJs and listeners of good music!
  11. Battery_K

    Teddy Killerz - Person


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