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  1. Daak

    Summer Vibes

    Summer Music? Type in "Ibiza Chill" in youtube.
  2. Daak

    Minnesota - Bicycle Day Mix Vol. 2

    Lots of interesting stuff happening here. Liked the Dubstep portion, not really the rap stuff. Its funny because I think of dub as closer to trance than hiphop so when I hear rap, I think its some Goa inspired free-thinking counterculture rappers.
  3. Daak


    I'm from the New England area, USA.
  4. Daak


    Hi Folks, Glad to find a forum like this. I started listening to electronic music in the late 90s. I bought the playstation 1 game, Wipeout (Tim Wright / Cold Storage), and loved the music. Ive only known a few people who admit to listening to electronic. I guess I need to live in Russia, Brazil, or Israel, smh. I went from "Into the mix" Techno/Trance Compilations to downtempo ambient stuff on mp3.com: Carbon Based Lifeforms, Bassic, Temple City, Testrauschen, and Blue Tonic World. Then I found psytrance: Vibe Tribe, Yahel, Talamasca. Ananda Shake, System Nipel and was hooked. After that I got into the streaming services and found: Minnesota, Shpongle, Lindsey Sterling, Entheogenic, Amethystium, and Blackmill. I played Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and that turned me on to Power Glove and Retrosynth. I really like anything that feels experimental as long as theres a beat somewhere in it! (e.g. FSOL - Lifeforms - Path 4). Thanks for the invite.
  5. That creates a new post. Are we sure Jr members can edit?
  6. This is all I see at the bottom of my post.
  7. Dont see that option. The pencil in the top right creates a new post. Nothing down below either.
  8. Psytrance https://beatexs.com/n3dybosczz1c https://beatexs.com/e4ak02e7cm23 https://beatexs.com/cmh6aifovf3c https://beatexs.com/isquf2nhfttw https://beatexs.com/h7j0eeruwcv6 https://beatexs.com/pg5lyj8bwxrm https://beatexs.com/9jfm6wnbtk13 https://beatexs.com/vrqe9765232x https://beatexs.com/wrl4z00zsp7c https://beatexs.com/wbgkee740u3q
  9. Its 1997. Intersound Inc
  10. Daak

    VA - Wipeout XL OST

    https://beatexs.com/iaaiugoad8nz https://beatexs.com/lr2zm9hu590p https://beatexs.com/vcoadl09u67r https://beatexs.com/6l4611kyac46 https://beatexs.com/i7yxmzbjsyck https://beatexs.com/zwoqmu2m15r2 https://beatexs.com/dpt7etq9wslb https://beatexs.com/5z0jqqmiq26f https://beatexs.com/xares0ut35p4 https://beatexs.com/hbtkymm2gt4a https://beatexs.com/z8cb9m15lzpa https://beatexs.com/3yiyl3kz04an https://beatexs.com/nubbbscq0xrd https://beatexs.com/io68tvpvfhnx
  11. Techno / Trance https://beatexs.com/ltzhugpr1lhp https://beatexs.com/tsyt21nytx02 https://beatexs.com/axn2fqq9g717 https://beatexs.com/78n79zode8e6 https://beatexs.com/ejp7x76vvoye https://beatexs.com/kanqbe6a997e https://beatexs.com/00mvojmpf0vg https://beatexs.com/p6bbl0z73gb2 https://beatexs.com/8dfhks6d6tmk https://beatexs.com/89vfzrwgwf9k https://beatexs.com/d5ht6ahbpblb https://beatexs.com/jg0gymd6aiow
  12. Daak

    In The Mix - VA

    Techno / Trance https://beatexs.com/01unfiaui04d https://beatexs.com/8bybsjzvji2z https://beatexs.com/3t8f6cf2q18w https://beatexs.com/ozmgk39bz6up https://beatexs.com/apjnm7xiku9m https://beatexs.com/084zape60yd4 https://beatexs.com/0n8e3siwwse5 https://beatexs.com/jw7iqyr2g2q2 https://beatexs.com/x9n99auweksd https://beatexs.com/33spegzb2ku9
  13. psychill https://beatexs.com/j13ttogfmmtb https://beatexs.com/fq4mzaaocvsl https://beatexs.com/g6hranuvmbw2 https://beatexs.com/jcw5goq6novp https://beatexs.com/xnp4igr3f4mu https://beatexs.com/2qe5jv245ybl https://beatexs.com/6h494pqmbzla https://beatexs.com/zqeph18dd8rp

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