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  1. Hey fam, you think you can link me cusp and lucy? please!

    1. Cowld


      And Satellite (Seven Lions Remix) if you have it by any chance

  2. Fixed your rank issue!


    sorry about that :ganja3:

  3. Thank you, it's working now :)

  4. uh I didn't put a password, why there's one by default now? xD

    i disabled it, that shall work now ;)

  5. Ah no problem mate and thanks :) but what is the password on the CS links ? ^^


    I downloaded a lot of stuff, I wanted to post everything in a thread but my upload speed is very very low, not to mention two full FLAC albums encountered an error after being at 99% uploaded on CloudSuzy.. u.u

  7. Hey Sky, you've downloaded Kölsch - Loreley and DJ Edge - Compnded a while ago form .. any chance you can upload them? :)

  8. Thanks :D Congratz to you aswell as you've became a mod recently ;)

  9. Congrats! (beer)

  10. You have shown yourself to be a truly Golden part of CllV! Thank you for this!

    Gold for You! (ganja3)

  11. It's probably that... Altho i think it's a leak and transcode (because 320kbps / 48000Hz) and a good one, well see what will admins decide further on... Cheers (beer)

  12. Beatport does not the pre orders, they displays new releases only once it's released... and sometimes artists choose not to go through beatport because thei're more expensive than other resellers.. like Dj Fresh, it's been a while we didn't see anything from him on Beatport :/

  13. No problem man... Right now i'm having some problems finding out if i have found Sigma EP that is supposed to be out at the end of next month and DJ Markys also... Can't find anything on new beatport :\

  14. Spek looks correct to me, Thank you very much! (approve)