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  1. bryanromero21

    Schranz Livesets/Mixes

    thank you to everyone that's posted in this thread! ive found so many good tracks from these mixes! would you guys happen to have anymore?
  2. bryanromero21

    Furney - Morning Light EP

    what a great ep. thank you!
  3. bryanromero21

    DJ Future - Dream World EP

    godlike post!
  4. bryanromero21

    Virtual Self - ANGEL VOICES (Original Mix)

    agreed. really glad he brought his setup for it
  5. bryanromero21

    Noisia & Prolix - Asteroids (Noisia Remix)

    so sick. thanks for this!
  6. bryanromero21

    EDM Naming Convention

    i had no idea mp3tag was a thing! i have the same gripe with mislabeled tracks. thank you for spreading this info!
  7. bryanromero21

    Marilyn Manson - This Is The New Shit (Rezz Remix)

    never knew this existed, thanks a lot!
  8. hey, i noticed that the "who's that" thread was closed. is there any other way to change my name? thanks in advance!

  9. bryanromero21

    SHADES - The Saga

    this is so sick!
  10. ill upload demons for you

  11. bryanromero21

    DJIPE - Shadowcuts

    it's outrageous how heavy this is
  12. bryanromero21


    i recently started being more active on this but never really introduced myself. im going to try and contribute more to this site because you guys have given me so much throughout the years. apologies for being a lurker, only recently have i found myself in a stable situation where i can buy music. thank you for always being such a great community!
  13. reminiscent of gesaffelstein's hate or glory remix. please move if needed, dont really know where this lands but it seemed to fit here imo https://mixstep.co/3r4i1mqnuoyz
  14. bryanromero21

    No Mana - Someone to Erase

    might be progressive house? https://mixstep.co/lp1lp1ak2m7u
  15. https://mixstep.co/p2x6qjitsp3z

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