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  1. K I M M Y

    Dombresky & Lucati - Like This

    this is mental
  2. K I M M Y

    Crisis Era - Basslevel

    @FrnchPAirmy n-word!
  3. K I M M Y

    Crisis Era - Basslevel

    @FrnchPAirDo you have the whole EP?
  4. https://beatexs.com/y9iah5w8l7sr
  5. K I M M Y

    Maur & Roobinz - Gospel Man

  6. https://beatexs.com/odvfozadxdo6
  7. https://beatexs.com/wlpjvhg1a395 Let me know if you want the whole album.
  8. K I M M Y

    Salvatore Ganacci - Horse

  9. https://beatexs.com/p68s34vn3sb0 A little old, but this song is fyyaaah Best bootyshaking song in the world
  10. Buy U A Drink (AWE's Marty McFly Bootleg)
  11. K I M M Y

    Yellow Claw & Radical Redemption - 20.000 Volts

    Thank you ❤️
  12. K I M M Y

    Yellow Claw & Radical Redemption - 20.000 Volts

    @XplosivDo you have the EP?
  13. K I M M Y

    Getting back into production, where do I start?

    1. I prefer pc 2. Home station for sure, got more size and overview its also more powerfull and can do more tasks. 3. Serum, Fabfilter plugins, Sylenth1, Kontakt, Lfotool, Waves bundle. 4. I use most of my tools over different genres, many elements can fit in almost every song, so just keep experimenting. 5. Zenworld, Moonboy (has very good designing tools for riddim and such) Point Blank, cant think of more. I mostly search for a specific thing on youtube and watch who ever. Also Dyllan Tallchief, but its also entertainment channel 6. Learn music theory bro, and try to lay down some keys on the keyboard and piano, you will grasp so much and you mostly have to enhance on your technical abilities. Learn the in and outs with the DAW to, knowing all the shortcuts on the keyboards will make your workflow so much faster. PROTIP: Download this script by Dyllan Tallchief here is a vid of what it can do.
  14. Didn't see this remix up on here, so i tought i would do the honor by uploading it. Its a couple of years old now, but still bangin! https://beatexs.com/61tsij2n8sl4

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