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  1. dgvicii

    Hey Hey

    nice to meet you!
  2. dgvicii

    Heyo its Trillivm :)

    Welcome to the fam!
  3. dgvicii


    https://massivewavs.com/telegram Here are some of the domains I have on Telegram, I am going to be taking my time on them, I am interested if anyone wants to partner up with me on this project we could run it out of CLLV with respect to the artists, here are some of the notable ones: https://t.me/ValleyViewCasino https://t.me/UMFWorldWide https://t.me/UniversalMusicGroup https://t.me/Bonnaroo https://t.me/CampBisco https://t.me/ElectricForestFestival https://t.me/HolyShip https://t.me/InsomniacRecords https://t.me/Eventvibe https://t.me/XSLasVegas https://t.me/WynnLasVegas https://t.me/GlastonburyFestivals https://t.me/AvalonHollywood https://t.me/HollywoodPalladium https://t.me/ElectricDaisyCarnival https://t.me/StagecoachFestival https://t.me/HardFest https://t.me/LiveNation
  4. dgvicii


    Thank you very much I am desperately trying to re build my support group after much trial, trauma, and tribulations over the past few years. This forum has always been supportive through my musical adventures, I am hoping to help promote some of the producers and album releases. I have staked out some quality domains and building up a few Telegram channels which will be very useful to the industry. Thank you again for the support! Glad to be back!
  5. dgvicii

    Pendulum Reworks LP

    Yeah I need this one bad...!
  6. dgvicii

    Empower the Underground

    Awesome congratulations! Let me know if you need any assistance with reaching your desired audience, I am looking for partners to work with this year
  7. dgvicii

    Artist/Venue Promotion

    Hello everyone, I am a long time user of ClubLandLV. I first got into marketing and advertising after releasing some of my own music with very little success in physical downloads. I have been working on building my own marketing and promotions business over the last few years because of this and I am looking to give back to the CLLV community especially via partnerships with a couple of artists who are doing what I was doing, sharing my music with others on this forum. I also am able to do website development and hosting if you plan to own your own domain at a very good cost rather than expensive services, I have a server that I am able to host from. I also do graphic design work and marketing material design. This year I am planning on developing Telegram channels which I will also use as tools to promote artists and ticketed events. Please let me know via DM if any of you upcoming producers are interested in some sort of partnership with me this year and I can help you reach a global audience, I am currently reaching US, Britain, China, Russia, Italy, Canada, France, India and generating about 40,000+ unique impressions a day to each of our campaigns. ~ Derek
  8. dgvicii


    Hello everyone I have been around here since 2011, I took a few years off of the music scene and glad to be back. Thought I would reintroduce myself! My name is Derek aka DGvicii aka DGBurrn. I used to DJ and produce, I have since begun website development, marketing, advertising, and artist promotion as a business. I would love to get back into DJing and production as a hobby although I have not had the time or passion for it as much recently. I plan on helping new artists to promote their tracks on soundcloud, spotify, and other music sharing service sites through my business which is Massive WAVs. I am a cryptocurrency enthusiast and have my own privately held crypto coin the MWAVS token which you can message me about privately if you are interested as I will not offer it to the public. Check out the sites in my signature and let me know how you are all doing, very glad to be back on the forum and cant wait to rebuild my music collection with you all! Derek
  9. dgvicii

    Nicky Romero - Toulouse (Original Mix)

    i dont have it anymore sorry! @Xplosiv
  10. dgvicii

    Datsik - Too Late to Say No

    flux pavilion can sing quite well actually if youve ever stumbled across the tracks im thinking of, cant remember what they are called now tho
  11. www.soundcloud.com/burrnenjay/trapsessions-vol-1 I DJ all genres about so most should be able to find one that they like :) My personal favorites would be the DNB mixes and trap mixes I have up there. DNB VOL 1. and my TRANCE mix would not reupload however and those two are easily some of my top listens, shoot me an email if you would like a download link for those two. Email info can be found here www.MassiveWavs.com and I will upload to that same site upon request (it is my own site that is why, guaranteed to not be taken down)
  12. dgvicii

    Example & Dillon Francis - Someone to Die For

    best thing about this album is the artwork
  13. what is this damn banger at 9 minutes??? http://www.mixcloud.com/revistaquantum/sub-focus-live-bestival-08092012/
  14. http://soundcloud.com/burrnenjay/oct-electro-house-2012-mixed

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