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  1. Ah ok cheers mate! yeah if you could that would be great

  2. its got like 3 genres in the EP, didnt know where to post so did tracks indiviually. The Melé & Salva tune is over in trap, karma kid and shadow child tunes are in deep, and the other two tunes on the ep were shit so didnt bother (one sounded awfully mixed, the zoo music one, and the other is a DnB edit of Pago) can upload them two for tou if you like tho?

  3. Are you gonna upload the whole Monki & Friends EP man??

  4. please upload nick hannam - serious if u got it


    if you can find it online i would greatly appreciate the purchase.

  6. Holy Shit :o :o :o


    OH WOW. This shit needs releasing so i can give them all my money... And of course its a Lorenzo tune... he really needs to stop making all these bangers getting ridiculous now haha, sets are gonna be straight Lorenzo tunes!

  8. hey man, I really need a song, its called "Hands Like This By House Hooligans" Its insane, i usually buy my music but my credit card is having issues. If you don't have it you can buy it on and i will gladly repay you.


    around 26 mins into this mix. Best I can tell you is to ask for an id on the soundcloud. Sounds like a new track to me

  10. Any idea what track is on this vid? hear it ALL the time but yet to have it ID'd or stumble across it myself :(