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  1. Craze

    In search of a SOLID mixer

    I have used, rented and owned a ton of mixers. From Yamaha (yes they had a dj mixer), Rane, Numark, Ecler, Cytronix, Radio Shack, Denon and Pioneer. Each venue had something different, but from using all these over the years I have owned and used Pioneer the longest. I bought the DJM600 about 8 years ago and it still works, now the knobs are getting loose but it still works! No bleed and it still sounds great. I wouldnt go to any other brand of mixer simply because I beat the shit out of it and its never let me down. The others? Well always some problem or a short life span.
  2. Craze


    V-Moda Crossfade 2s. I have used a ton of headphones and blown up just as many, the v-modas seem to handle what I throw at them and they sound great. plus if you order from their website they will put your logo on he side of the headphones for free
  3. Craze

    Should i make the switch?

    if you go for a pair of cdj850s, 900s or 2000s you can by serato and run it all off your laptop. That way you just bring serato to the club with your laptop and everythings the exact same as at home for your music setup.
  4. Craze

    Headphone help?

    check out V-Moda Crossfades LP2's, Skrillex, Deadmau5, Avicii, funkagenda and a bunch of others use these, I have a pair and they are crazy. I bought them based on reviews and found out after who used them.

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