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  1. Yes I Re Upload Later, no problem m8 : )

  2. Zetahertz you're a great member of this site! keep it up dude! i constantly check your posts! love your taste in muzak =d

    1. Zetahertz


      Thank you so much Rick, i can tell you easily the same things, one of the best members in Cb for quality of the uploads and taste in music, big up my friend!

    2. Gattsu


      damn bro i mustve been wasted when i wrote that, birthday the next day xD

  3. Is coming mate, give me only 5 min and i re-up the pack :)

  4. Yanntek - Moving On EP re-up if you got a min. Interested in checking it out. Not sure if he's trying to tell us something by the title "moving on".... wonder if it means he's done making dnb,lol.

  5. you da man. thanks :)

  6. Sure man, wait only 5 min and the track is up.

  7. Was wondering if you could re-up "Showtek, Justin Prime, Matthew Koma -Cannonball (Earthquake) (Lazy Rich Remix)".

    I hope I'm sending the message to the right location... on my cell phone and it's hard to navigate.

    Thanks a million.

  8. Hey mate, i have see right now the complete EP, great! thank you! and congrats for purple, you deserve it, you are one of the best uploaders on cv lately (approve)

  9. hey mate, I saw you requested this a while back, did you ever get a hold of it? im considering posting it http://www.beatport.com/release/clusterbomb/1164641

  10. Thank you very much for your kind words. I always try to share something interesting. In the same way, and you are a very good uploader, thanks for all your themes with music :)

    Cheers :)

  11. Thank you very much mate! u are one of the best uploader of this year :)