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  1. Thanks a lot man!

  2. hey, could you please re up doctor p & flux pavilion - stinkfinger :D

  3. Hey, was wondering if you could re-up Genetix & Persist - Falling Down in AIFF?

  4. hey what was your source for the caspa dubstep sessions album, im 99.99% the need to feel loved remix by the others is fake, its identical to my plate/leaked version

  5. yoo is there anyway you can re-up guido - mad sax? that tune is so amazing

  6. thanks for the tip i tried checking my version of google chrome i am on the latest one and always update, ima try another browser but i think i did with same problem, well see

  7. yea man, bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks

  8. biggups, fuck all the haters who don't wanna know the lyrics, now just to figure out those 2 parts were not to sure about

  9. cry me a river..

  10. personally i hate bare, but i can still say u act like a 15 year old kid