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  1. Trance Dimension

    Delerium feat Sarah McLachlan - Silence

    Label SPV Recordings (SPV 055-62573) Tracklist 1. Silence (DJ Tiësto In Search Of Sunrise Remix) (Edit) 3:58 2. Silence (Airscape Remix) (Edit) 3:47 3. Silence (Album Version) (Edit) 4:04 4. Silence (DJ Tiësto In Search Of Sunrise Remix) 11:31 5. Silence (Airscape Remix) 8:36 6. Silence (Original Fade Sanctuary Remix) 11:07 Downloadable Rar Link https://mixstep.co/lelcu4bkzy3q https://mixstep.co/cwa1781lfjbb https://mixstep.co/ypnlc31rbs4w https://mixstep.co/w0b2rdyvcikn https://mixstep.co/d9wlx7oqzste https://mixstep.co/v4rkp7j3qgad
  2. Trance Dimension

    Sum Spotify Playlists

    I mean you like different types of music, and there is something new to look at on the forum haha,
  3. Label Direction Records (672779 2) Tracklist 1. Love Be My Lover (Radio Edit) 3:20 2. Playa Sol (Original Club Mix) 7:51 3. Playa Sol (Euphoric Mix) 7:43 Downloadable Rar Link https://mixstep.co/g1w6e8qbzqnd https://mixstep.co/ywx86ucfcn1t https://mixstep.co/uqgen8ya90qi
  4. Trance Dimension

    Paffendorf - Crazy Sexy Marvellous

    Label Data Records (DATA51CDS) Tracklist 1. Crazy Sexy Marvellous (Radio Edit) 2:54 2. Crazy Sexy Marvellous (Jan Wayne Remix) 7:05 3. Crazy Sexy Marvellous (Driftwood Remix) 7:26 Downloadable Rar Link https://mixstep.co/tqf3rpy43qh4 https://mixstep.co/3j9nbumxq6dy https://mixstep.co/fsj8r8x17zr0
  5. Trance Dimension

    Sum Spotify Playlists

    I see you like a lot of genres there something different on here then makes a change
  6. Trance Dimension

    Norman Bass - How U Like Bass?

    Label Substance Records (SUBS10CDS) Tracklist 1. How U Like Bass? (Radio Edit) 2:44 2. How U Like Bass? (Warp Brothers Clean Club Mix) 7:43 3. How U Like Bass? (Porcells Clean Mix) 6:10 Downloadable Rar Link https://mixstep.co/xyhug6g9745b https://mixstep.co/2uz6resbwe6i https://mixstep.co/foowl1sv20yh
  7. Trance Dimension

    Natural Born Grooves - Groovebird

    Label Positiva (CDTIV 75) Tracklist 1. Groovebird (Klubbheads Radio Edit) 3:28 2. Groovebird (Original Mix - Radio Edit) 3:28 3. Groovebird (Original Mix) 7:32 4. Groovebird Pt.2 (N.B.G. Remix) 8:08 5. Groovebird (Klubbheads Klubb Mix) 6:51 6. Groovebird (Qattara Remix) 8:26 Downloadable Rar Link https://mixstep.co/8hq4us0briee https://mixstep.co/ue19gwgnrge6 https://mixstep.co/wtdcxy3b7stm https://mixstep.co/g7h3ml9kj03p https://mixstep.co/c37xrk6zfnw6 https://mixstep.co/cqu1f2yajj18
  8. Trance Dimension

    Matt Darey feat Marcella Woods - Beautiful

    Label Incentive (CENT38CDS) Tracklist 1. Beautiful (Matt Darey's Radio Edit) 3:36 2. Beautiful (Stuart Crichton Radio Mix) 3:02 3. Beautiful (Pulser Remix) 6:11 4. Beautiful (JDS Remix) 6:59 Downloadable Rar Link https://mixstep.co/tmtf9c6b29u9 https://mixstep.co/o68xyewsd16x https://mixstep.co/h58hpu9q0jvq https://mixstep.co/nburu0mlxdhs
  9. Trance Dimension

    (Requests + Re-Ups)

    Yep that is the one @Sunlight wants
  10. Label Ffrreedom (TABCD223) Tracklist 1. The Sunshine After The Rain (Two Cowboys 7" Edit) 3:31 2. The Sunshine After The Rain (New Atlantic Mix) 6:31 3. The Sunshine After The Rain (Original U4EA Breakbeat Mix) 5:24 4. The Sunshine After The Rain (Two Cowboys 12" Mix) 4:29 5. The Sunshine After The Rain (Tall Paul Remix) 6:34 Downloadable Rar Link https://mixstep.co/0f0ku4nt5i4q https://mixstep.co/4mw9zpvry62n https://mixstep.co/uf79o06og6q6 https://mixstep.co/c4dtuo2xf1d7 https://mixstep.co/nfuk6ad84ux9
  11. Trance Dimension

    (Requests + Re-Ups)

    It never came out on cdm but there is a wav version of it so I will keep a look out
  12. Trance Dimension

    Novy Vs Eniac - Pumpin

    Label Positiva (CDTIV-132) (CD1) Tracklist 1. Pumpin (Flickman Radio Cut) 3:09 2. Pumpin (Eniac 1999 Version) 9:04 3. Pumpin (Timo Maas Remix) 7:04 Downloadable Rar Link https://mixstep.co/fjo3jtiapfal https://mixstep.co/gr8ufbm1rxke https://mixstep.co/rg6jixjf9dan
  13. Trance Dimension

    Eric Prydz Vs Floyd - Proper Education

    Label Data Records (DATA144CDSP) Tracklist 1. Proper Education (Radio Edit) 2. Proper Education (Club Mix) 3. Proper Education (Dub) 4. Proper Education (Instrumental) Downloadable Rar Link https://mixstep.co/8dpsia026w2o https://mixstep.co/hs6lyzqy60pl https://mixstep.co/rij4e5hniv8g https://mixstep.co/y9jk9usf9h3o
  14. Trance Dimension

    Novy Vs Eniac - Pumpin

    CD1 is now in house section
  15. Trance Dimension

    (Requests + Re-Ups)

    Not got this yet sorry

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