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  1. Happen to own some Benjamin Bates tracks? :-D

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    2. Xplosiv


      We need more activity besides the Like/Thanks button. Would love more interaction across cllv :$

    3. Trance Dimension

      Trance Dimension

      Yeah I thought it was more popular couple years back, faded away a bit :(

    4. Xplosiv


      Have the same feeling. Altho I got more involved myself couple of months ago again

  2. You are a top man i used to own all these tracks on vinyl never thought i would get hold of these classic tunes again.

    So Thank you once again, keep uploading the awesome tracks!



    1. Trance Dimension

      Trance Dimension

      Thank you and you are very welcome, Yep I still collect old classics CDS/CDM so just going through these alphabetical order :)

    2. Paul Welsh

      Paul Welsh

      Hello d4rud3,

      As an appreciation for uploading these classics here is my new mix shared exclusively to you :)


      I will be sharing this mix from tomorrow so keep a lid on it please :)


      Mainly new releases but thanks to you the late Robert Miles has made the Track list also the Legend that was Mr Tiesto!

    3. Trance Dimension

      Trance Dimension

      Thank you for this mate :) I will give it a listen later on