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  1. I remember when I was a noob here and you was one of my favourite members! maybe 5 years ago... how fast past the time! regards!!

  2. U are doing a damn fucking real good work! :ganja3:

  3. Hey Top_ do you have this tune?

    50 Carrot & Coffi & Soloman - New President (Hedex Remix)

    regards mate.

  4. fuck yeah (perfect)

  5. Thanks Master! growing!

  6. Liking the gold ;)

  7. THANKS Boss, I really appreciate it. I will keep working hard.

  8. You have truly shown yourself to be a Golden part of this community! Thank you!

    Gold for You! (ganja3)

  9. yea, only bought the posij remix. sorry

  10. Hey ¿did u only get the Posij remix from the Album of Peat Bog remixes? i was looking for the Tekian&ZeroZero remix after buy it, regards.

  11. all good brother! Bless :)